How to pick a Hair Salon: Stevie's 5 tips

Have you ever moved cities, towns or even countries? Apart from finding somewhere to live and working out where to local amenities are like the supermarket and pub you also need to find services like your local GP, dentist, and of course (and most importantly!) your hairdresser. This can sometime be the most traumatic selection! Who should you trust? How do you find someone who will do your hair, just how you like it? What if they do a botch job and you have to live with bad hair for weeks!!? So here are my top 5 tips to finding a hairdresser to suit you.

1. Work out what you want

Source: via Ivana on Pinterest

There are a huge range of hairdressing salons out there. Barber shops, walk-in places that just do cuts for a bargain price through to top end fashion driven celebrity hairdressers. It all depends on your budget, the look you are going for and how close by you need them to be. Working out what you want first up is pretty important. If you are low fuss and just looking for a trim every 6-8 weeks a walk-in joint might be perfect. If you like an "experience", a little more TLC, professionally trained hairdressers, beautiful surrounds and want to feel really special when you leave well, come on in to Stevie English Hair. We'd love to look after you!

2. Check out the Salon

Chances are they are a few salons in your local area. Why not go for a wander past each one and check them out?

Is the salon generally clean and tidy? Are the windows clean? Is the floor swept of hair? A tatty dirty salon does not give the confidence that they will pay attention to the little details when doing your hair.

Do the staff take pride in their appearance? Chances are if they care how they look they'll care about how you look.

Does the salon look relatively modern? This is certainly not the most important aspect but it may give you a clue that they like to keep up with other things.  This could include; the latest techniques for colouring, cutting and keeping up education for the staff.

Does the salon have a good vibe or culture? Does it seem like a happy place? Happy employees do a good job.

3. Get a recommendation

Is there someone you work with who has fabulous hair? Do they have an immaculate cut? Is there hair colour inspired? Beg them for their secret and hopefully they will reveal a wonderful hairdresser. Maybe you have seen someone on the street or in the local coffee shop who's hair is fab. Give them a compliment and ask if they would mind sharing their hairdressers name? Ask your friends who does their hair or get on social media. Twitter is great for sourcing the best recommendations from across the web.

4. Are they willing to talk?

I don't mean will they tell you their life gossip while you are trying to read the latest fashion glossy while they blow-dry your hair...I mean, are they willing to give you a consultation about your hair before they touch a strand on your head? This should take into account what you are looking for and also what they recommend depending on your hair type, face shape and lifestyle. Are they willing to do this with no obligation of payment? Are they willing to talk about the various options including the price, so you don't get a rude shock at the register? Hairdressing is a people profession and the relationship they build with you is as important as the hair they do.

5. Do they keep you waiting?

Ever been to the salon, excited about getting your hair done, and looking and feeling great? Of course. Ever been to the salon and had to wait? And wait. Now sometimes things go wrong, staff get sick and the wheels can fall off, the same as any business but it's how you get treated when this happens that makes the difference. If you have arrived on time for your appointment and not been acknowledged or had to wait for 30 mins or more, perhaps they don't deserve your service?

Once you are happy with all these tips, take the plunge and give the new hairdresser a go!

Obviously we want to do your hair. But there are so many great salons out there! Good hunting. Here is a little blog about why we might be good!

Finalist for Fame Team

Stevie English Hair is a nursery for young talent.  Missy Veyret is one of our superstars that like a fine wine gets better and better.

Missy latest achievement is making finalist for Australian Fame team. Missy has made it into finalist for the second year running and is one of twelve. It's the who's who of the next generation of Australian Hairdressing talent. And we are super proud of her.

If you want to get your hair chopped or coloured by Missy, please call Bondi 93877791 or book online here  missyFinalistIMage


We want to see your Morning hair selfies  #wakeupwithstevie

We want to see morning pics.

The winners will win a hair and makeup in the morning from us

Will will offer the winner a total makeover full colour and cut.

We will also offer other prizes, on the run up to Halloween, Shampoos and Conditioners from Original&Mineral and Unite 

Send us your instagram/facebook pics or if you dont have those Social media sites (SHOCK) send it to us

Beautiful Brunettes

This understated, classy colour, is not just for the cooler months of the year - heading into summer this year - considering bucking the trend of going blonde for summer - and go this sassy, sensual soft healthy looking colour. darkest choco lt brownmed browndrk blondeblonde (drk)     From the deepest chocolate brown to darkest blonde these colours are amazing for hazel and dark brown eyes, and also those of you with any deep rich eye colour as well. brown dark green hazel So why not try it - change is as good as a holiday* if you have the eyes for it or the balls, talk to your stylist, or better yet why not book now online here for Glebe and here for Bondi.     *well it probably isn't as good as a holiday but we'll make as close as possible - promise!

Stevie English Hair, hair dictionary D's

Damaged hair Damaged hair is created from too much colouring, heat styling, or excessive brushing with bad home maintenance. Dehydrated Hair Hair is often dehydrated from frequent styling, over colouring and harsh weather, which strips hair of moisture leaving it dry, coarse and unmanageable. You can turn the clock back by treating it well using great products recommended by a Stevie English stylist.

Demi Demi-permanent hair colors deliver incredible colour, shine, and condition to hair while only lightening natural pigment slightly. They are good first step into colour. They are ideal if you want to enrich your natural colour, brighten dullness, or refresh previously coloured hair. Stevie English Hair only uses O&M Conditioning Colour Gloss, as well as O&M  liquids.

Depth  The depth of a hair colour shade is determined by the amount of darkness in the colour. Deeper shades contain more pigment, and absorb more light, while lighter shades have diffused pigments which are more transparent and reflect more light.

Detanglers Detanglers modify the hair surface their and main job is to help get rid of knots by using pH as acidifiers, and/or by coating the hair with polymers as glossers.

Developer Developer is the oxidizing agent that allows the haircolor to do its job. Mostpermanent haircolour today uses hydrogen peroxide as a developer. The peroxide is the activator so that the color can penetrate. It also disperses the existing color and can lighten the hair’s color level depending on the strength of the peroxide formulation. The peroxide developer’s oxidizing potential is denoted as its ‘volume’. Most haircolour formulas today work with a 10, 20, 30, or 40 volume developer.

Double process This is a colour technique that is used to achieve dramatic colour changes, ie going from blonde to dark. You often need the second coat to fill or even out colour. When going from very dark to light, you need to tone or even out colour- your Stevie English Colourist/stylist will choose what’s right for you.

Dreadlocks A hairstyle that is created by twisting and matting hair together, it is suited to curly, afro hair types.

Dry (see blowdry)

Stevie English Hair, hair Dictionary C's

Screenshot 2014-01-13 21.46.52  

Caesar A mens’ haircut named after Julius Caesar. It’s a short horizontally straight cut fringe and layered all around

CCTClean Colour Technology An O&M exclusive that is a revelation to those that have only ever used ‘mainstream’ permanent and semi-permanent hair colours. The benefits of removing ammonia reach far beyond a more pleasant experience while at the salon, over time hair becomes less stressed and noticeably healthier while colour lasts longer and remains true and brighter. O&Ms CCT system delivers 100%grey coverage and 5 shades lighter lift for blondes without the use of ammonia.

Ceramic Ceramic is an inorganic non-metallic solid that is used in lots of hairdressing tools such as brushes, straightening irons and combs.

Chemicals We minimise the amount of chemicals here at Stevie English Hair

Chignon A hair up thing similar to french roll

Clay (see wax)

Climazone An activator or a heater which speeds up colour development. We don’t need one with O&M colour but it can be helpful for clients who are in a rush.

Clippers Electric hair clippers are used at Stevie English Hair, often to get a shorter cut than you can achieve with scissors

Coffee Coffee isn’t something one would expect in a hair dictionary unless trying to explain a mocha type colour or a rich black… but we have such great Single Origin organic coffee at Stevie English with barista trained staff it would be a shame not to mention.

Colour (see permanent, semi, demi, quasi, ammonia free)

Concave The concave haircut has the opposite movement of the convex. The hair is cut with hard or soft lines to curve inward. An example of this is the graduated bob.

Condition Your hair’s condition can affect the final colour result. Your Stevie English Hair colourist will evaluate your hair’s condition in order to determine if you need special pre- or post-colour conditioning services, and create a colour formulation that is best for you and your hair.

Conditioner A product designed to condition or soften hair, its main job is to close the cuticle after shampooing. It has been used since the turn of the century, before natural oils were used to condition hair. Hair conditioner at Stevie English hair is chemical free, and will always be prescribed by your stylist.

Consultation Before every colour and cut service, you should expect an in-depth consultation with your Stevie English stylist/colourist. You will exchange information and ideas about your hair and the look you want to achieve. During the consultation your colorist/Stylist will assess the condition of your hair to help determine what kind of colour product is most appropriate for your hair’s needs and which style and styling products may needed to maintain the colour and hairstyle at home.

Contrast Refers to the difference in lowlight and highlight colour. To achieve high-contrast highlights the foils are much lighter than the surrounding hair colour, to create depth and a more natural look.

Convex The convex haircut is a layered-cut that creates outward movement in the hairstyle. It can be cut to have clear, hard lines, or very subtle soft lines, but will always result in an outward movement of the hair. An example

Cool Cool can be said about the salon interior and its staff at Stevie English Hair! as well as meaning a tonal value that can apply to all colours, A colour is said to have “cool tones” if it tends toward blue or violet. Cool colours include platinum blondes, ash browns, and cool reds which means the more blue that is in red ie.plum / mahogany

Copper Is a red colour,  Orange, can be called strawberry blonde. It’s more of a gold/red and not a blue/red-in your consultation your colourist/stylist will assist you in choosing a perfect shade.

Coverage Coverage is a measure of a hair colour’s ability to cover grey hair. Some hair colour formulations are too transparent to effectively cover grey hair. Covering grey hair can be a little tricky so it requires a special colour formulation from your Stevie English Hair Stylist/colourist in order to avoid flat or unnatural results. All of O&M Permanent  Hair colour provides exceptional grey coverage with resistance to fading whilst using CCT.(see cct)

Cows lick This is a nickname for a hair growth pattern on a hairline. Usually hair that naturally goes towards the back of the head – so it looks like a cow has licked your head, at Stevie English Hair all staff are taught how to cut and aid with cows licks and help and suggest styling

Creative Colour A colour chosen by your Stevie English Hair Stylist/colourist –a combination of colours often using different sectioning patterns to create an individual style.

Crimping  Hair crimping is a method of styling straight hair so that it becomes wavy, often in a 80’s fashion. This is usually achieved by treating the hair with heat from a crimping iron or by braiding the hair, often in multiple strands, then undoing the Braids (see braids).

Crimping iron Crimping iron is a tool which creates a crimp or wave in hair.

Crown and Double Crown Most individuals have a specific hair growth pattern at the crown area of the head (the area of the skull where the head begins to curve downward to the back of the head). In a typical person there is a single point at which the hair appears to radiate outward in a circular or semicircular pattern. Stylist must work with the hair’s natural growth patterns.

Croydon Facelift The Croydon Facelift is a particular hairstyle worn by young women, allegedly from Croydon in England. The hair is pulled back tight and tied in a ponytail or bun at the back. The supposed result is that the skin of the forehead and face are pulled up and back, producing the effects of a facelift. I love this saying- it’s not a big look we reproduce at Stevie English.

Curling iron Similar to a straightening iron and crimping iron, it is a tong used to change the structure of the hair using heat. Hair is wrapped around a wand or iron to create a curl.

Curly Is the form of some people’s hair. At Stevie English Hair we have some curly hair experts and all staff are trained in depth on how to cut, style and hydrate curly hair.

Stevie English Hair, Hair B's

Screenshot 2014-01-13 21.36.30

Back comb  Back combing or teasing is a technique used by your Stevie English Stylist to create height or body. It’s often used as a foundation for hair upstyles. It’s the art of tangling the hair to create a cushion to lift the style and then smoothing over the top. Reference: 1980s hair

Balayage Balayage comes from the French word meaning “to sweep”.  To Balayage the hair is to use a brush to handpaint a thick mixture of lightener onto a section of hair using one of three paint designs.  These designs are singles, slants and V’s. The designers use a “sweeping” motion to apply lightener from thin at the roots to thicker towards the ends. It is free-form handpainted highlights.


Bangs (see fringe)

Barrier cream Barrier cream is what we put on a scalp around the hairline to stop colour staining. Your Stevie English Stylist should always apply this when having a dark colour

Baseline Baseline is the bottom line in a hair cut, this often the starting point for haircuts.

Beehive A high hairstyle that resembles a beehive! An elaborately teased and lacquered hairpiece, most famously worn by Amy Winehouse in more recent years. Beehive is also called a B-52.

Bio- ionic An awesome retexing system can get hair dead straight bit its about changing the hairs structure

Bleach ( see powder lightener)

Blonde Blonde, platinum, light blonde and dark blonde are all hair types of colour meaning of fair colour.

Blowdry Blow drying or blow waving is where your Stevie English Hair Stylist drys your hair with a hair dryer and a brush, often with product to create your perfect individual style

Blow wave (see blow dry)

Blunt cut Hair that is all one length is called a blunt cut. A precise blunt cut is carefully trimmed so that all the hair reaches one level.  Often, tension is used to cut this type of style. When hair is wet, it stretches. After the blunt line if formed in the first section – the nape section, each layer that is brought down to cut is held with tension so that it stretches slightly. When it is cut at the same level as the first section and released, it bounces up to be very slightly shorter so that the ‘blunt’ line is really rounded.

Bob Bob is a precise hair cut that comes in many shapes and sizes from shoulder length, to others that tease with a bit of ear, some have fringes, and of course come in many fantastic colours. We love the bob at Stevie English.

Bob, graduated A graduated bob can be very stylish and is very different compared to the classic straight bob. Layers will give the bob more volume and tapered ends will make the hair look softer.

Another option if the classic single-length bob is not really what you like is a longer rounded nape and short blunt lines at the sides and front. Ask your Stevie English Stylist which version od the bob will suit you

Bobby pins a small slide clip the grips small amounts of hair

Bouffant A bouffant is a type if hairstyle originating in France, thought to be created for Marie Antoinette. The hair is piled high on the head and some is left hanging down the sides.

Bouncy Bouncy is a term used when talking about your blowdry or styling- its big, full, fun, sexy and sassy.

Braiding or Braids Braiding is a weave, two or more strands. It has been done for years often in African hair and on children.

Breakage Hair Breakage is mostly caused by chemicals and harsh styling like burning hair with hairdryers and straightening irons. It can be treated and fixed with the right treatments ask your Stevie English Stylist/colourist

Brown/brunette Dark hair colour

Brassy Brassiness comes from bronze, it is used to refer to hair that is too warm or yellow in tone. This can be the result of colour fading and showing the natural undercoat; or colour that is not processed properly. Brassiness is generally corrected by applying a violet toner or a shade your Stevie English colourist would choose counteract the yellow.

Bungee A hair bungee is an elastic with a hook at one end to wrap around ponytails and up do’s a secret for years of session stylist’s

Stevie English Hair, Hair A's

Screenshot 2014-01-13 21.30.59

The Stevie English Hair Dictionary is (almost) a comprehensive list of hairdressing terms. Everything from some terms you might hear everytime in the salon and some you might never hear.  (It’s a work in progress)

Acidifiers Acidity regulators which maintain the conditioner’s PH value which is about 2.5–3.5. In contact with acidic environment, the hair’s somewhat scaly surface tightens up, as the hydroge bonds between the keratin molecules are strengthened.

Afro An afro is corse and very tight curly hair, sometimes shorted to “fro”, is a often termed hairstyle in which the hair extends out from the head like a halo, cloud or ball.  Reference: Jimi Hendrix

Ammonia A harsh chemical that swells the hair shaft creating holes and breakage

Ammonia FREE All the O&M colour at Stevie English Hair is Ammonia free which leaves the hair in better condition and is kinder on the environment.

Appointments (see consultations)

Ash Ash is the term often used in flat colours, ash is a blue/green almost grey reflect and often used to counteract warm shades and colours in hair

Asian hair Is often black and coarse and can be very hard to cut and colour. All staff at Stevie English Hair are trained in the art.

Asymmetrical Not identical on both sides of a central line, a technique often used in cutting to create a one side of hair cut longer than the other

Verity is coming to Town

Verity is coming to town- Her raving fans will be banging on our doors with bated breath and saying "about fucking time!"  For those of you who are new to Stevie English Hair and our blog, Verity was with us for 4 great years and is still a Senior Director- a position we will always hold for her (she is special). She lives in New Zealand and comes over to hang out, cut her desperate clients' hair, teach makeup classes, drink tequila and generally grace us with her fabulous and inimitable presence.

Verity has won more awards that I have had hot dinners. She is a session stylist, makeup artist and a creative crackpot whose energy is infectious. Watch the whirlwind and check her website out here .

During her next visit this August, she will be hosting 2 makeup tutorials in our Glebe salon. There are only a few spots left, so if you are keen to get some makeup tips from the Australian Makeup Artist of the Year 2010 or get your locks chopped by this star please give us a call in Glebe 94237033 Bondi 93877791

verity make up course

Brighten up in Winter

How hideous has the weather been in Sydney? Cold and rainy, and rainy. And when it's not rainy it's overcast. Blah! Now is the perfect time to brighten up and get some colour.

How about some 50's inspired candy apple red?

Colour and styling by @tito_h Glebe


Or some sassy "my little pony" pink?

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 1.00.03 PM

Nothing better than some purple to chase away the winter blues....

Cut and colour by @missyveyret

Or some strong shapes and colour to get your heart racing?

Cut by @missyveyret at Bondi

Or maybe something more subtle and pastel....

blonde pastel

What ever change you are looking for come into Bondi or Glebe and we will brighten your day!

Stevie xx

Im not Gay but im a hairdresser and proud of it!

After reading this morning about the prime ministers partner being called gay because he is a hairdresser, I felt the need to write something about that albeit briefly. This bothers me for two reasons:

Firstly because being a hairdresser myself (as if u didn't know!) I've been called or rather mistaken for gay, it's an age old stereotype but I don't find it an insult just a mistake. I resent that there is a touch or insult to suggest the Prime Ministers partner could be gay.

I've been mistaken as a gay couple when out at a football match with my genius brand manager, we still tell that story laughing. Neither of us was insulted.

And secondly:

That to be a hairdresser you need to be gay. Trust me it doesn't enhance or reduce ones skill levels at all.

Homophobia and racism have no part in society. They stop with me. I could say we don't tolerate at Stevie English. But I don't need to, #teamEnglish just aren't like that.

Bond Fever Hits Stevie English Hair

For this year's Hair Expo we were inspired by Bond. James Bond. English through and through and such inspiration! The cars, the gadgets, the villains and the Bond girls and their amazing style and hair... Goldfinger

When you think of Goldfinger you think of the famous scene where Bond girl Shirley Eaton playing Jill Masterton, is covered head to toe in gold paint by the evil Auric Goldfinger. Realeased in 1964 this movie is a great example of the hair styles that dominated the era. Sexy and kittenesque.


Our take on Goldfinger is sexy and current and very English!


Dr. No

The ultimate bond girl, Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder. That bod. That bikini and the ultimate beach hair.


We couldn't improve on this so we turned to the villain Dr Julius No, the first ever Bond villain. Our take is cool, evil and modern.

Dr No

 From Russia with Love

Beautiful bond girl Corporal Tatiana ("Tania") Romanova slinked into From Russia with Love, wearing nothing but a velvet ribbon and a smooth and lovely 60's do. Initially hired by the bad guys Tania slinked off at the end with Bond. You can't blame the man!

But what of our take of From Russia with Love's villains? Are you scared or inspired?



Come join us at Hair Expo

2 Day Look’n'Learn Pass: $239

2 Day Look’n'Learn Pass plus 3 day Expo Pass: from $299

Stevie xx



5 Autumn tips to help you power through winter...

Autumn is one of those seasons which some of us lament. Summer is ending and so are those lazy-hazy long days of sun and swimming. Some of us cheer the onset of the cooler weather because we can rug up and stay warm. Whatever your preference your hair may need a little pep, either to repair from the long summer months or to get you inspired for a new season. Here are our picks for Autumn. 1.  Get the deep treatment

Coming out of summer many of us need to pay some TLC to our locks. The harsh sun, chlorine, salt water or just tying it up off our necks during the hot humid months often means your crowning glory may be looking a little shabby. So what do you do?

The most Royal treatment on offer is "Regal". A course of 3 in-salon treatments over 10 days or so will have your hair ready for any winter blues. Enjoy a wine on us while your hair regains it's body and condition.

Prefer to stay in and hibernate? Come in and grab a bottle of O&M's "The Power Base". After washing add lots of "The Power Base", come through and wrap up your hair in a plastic shower cap or wrap your head with Gladwrap, and then wrap a towel around the lot! Slap on your slippers and snuggle up in front of the TV. You won't look glamorous yet, but after a couple of "The Power Base" treatments you soon will!

2. Get the chop!

A new season, new cut, new you!. Nothing more energising. Here are some of fantastic client's cuts to get you inspired!



Colour by @nomeyd Cut by jylespice


Cut and Colour by @jakeob16 at Glebe


3. Braid it up

Once it's done for the day it's done. If you are handy with plaits they are hot on trend for Autumn. Check out this great work:

The talented Kirsty at Glebe, worked this magic.


4. Inject some colour

Blow away any thoughts of a dreary winter with this amazing hues....

Hair by @tplucke on @grechys at Bondi



Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 1.00.03 PM

5. Style it up!

When the mornings are dark and cold it's easy to sacrifice doing your hair for a little more time under the covers! Nothing chases the winter blues away like having great hair each day, so hop out of bed and get your hair looking great. Here's some inspiration:


Hair by @rachelmharvey Glebe


Hair by @missyveyret at Bondi


Stevie xx


Stevie's 7 Hottest Looks from the Met Ball

Every year celebrities and fashionistas descend on New York to attend the Costume Institute Gala, more commonly known as the "Met" Ball, which celebrates the annual opening of the Metropolitan Museum's fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute. It's an event that brings out the best in creative fashion and hair. The event has a theme each year and this year's theme was "Punk". We love all things English at Stevie English hair and punk is very English. Seeing celebrities having some fun with "Punk" inspired me to tell you about my fav hottest looks from this year's Met Ball.

1. Coco Rocha

Coco Rocha in Emanuel Ungaro

Sleek as a cat. Purrrrr....The sleek brunette fringe is divine.

2. Nicole Ritchie

This girl is setting the scene for a new trend. Expect to see more silver locks, you heard it here...

3. J-Lo

Sexy as always with a buffont as high as they come!

4. Lily Cole

Could this be the ultimate punk wedding dress? And the hair. Ahhh...some crimping and some product.

5. Sarah Jessica Parker

So amazing. The boots, the dress, the hair and the headpiece. Only Sarah could pull this off!

6. Madonna

Spot on punk Madge style...

7. Anne Hathaway

"Punked" up short blonde hair with that goth style dress. Perfection. I'm expecting to get lots of requests for short blonde hair in the salon!

Stevie xx

The Best Hair Extensions in Bondi or Glebe.


Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 9.18.53 PM

In this world, sometimes you have to wait. When you are small you have to wait until you grow up to enjoy tequila. In Sydney, you have to wait in traffic. To have your hair look fabulous there is some waiting, though at Stevie English hair we make the wait comfortable with great coffee and tea, wine or a cold beer, latest mags and iPads so you can keep up to date. And apparently good things come to those who wait!

But I’ve got some news. If you want long luscious hair you don’t have to wait! Sweet.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 9.04.57 PM

We now do hair extensions. Beautiful natural hair extensions. If you are wanting extra length or extra body, or both, come in and try some. We use Show Pony extensions and we think they are the best around. They are integrated into your own locks with tape rather than with beads, which means they sit across a number of your own strands, looking more natural and lasting longer. The extensions are matched to your own hair colour and can be coloured to suit the look you are after.

Like your own hair, extensions need a little maintenance. You need to use great home hair care, we recommend Original&mineral. We also recommend using a good brush to gently brush through long hair we love  Tangle Teazer .   Every 8 weeks or so you should come see us to have them re-taped, washed and dried in addition to updating your colour or getting a trim. That way your extensions will last 12-24 months.

You should come see Jake in Glebe, he is an expert and also educates across NSW for Show Pony. Come see Missy in Bondi who is also a Wiz and Jakes understudy at Showpony.

So you don’t need to wait. All you need to do is call our Glebe salon on 02 9423 7033 or Bondi salon on 02 9387 7791