Verity is coming to Town

Verity is coming to town- Her raving fans will be banging on our doors with bated breath and saying "about fucking time!"  For those of you who are new to Stevie English Hair and our blog, Verity was with us for 4 great years and is still a Senior Director- a position we will always hold for her (she is special). She lives in New Zealand and comes over to hang out, cut her desperate clients' hair, teach makeup classes, drink tequila and generally grace us with her fabulous and inimitable presence.

Verity has won more awards that I have had hot dinners. She is a session stylist, makeup artist and a creative crackpot whose energy is infectious. Watch the whirlwind and check her website out here .

During her next visit this August, she will be hosting 2 makeup tutorials in our Glebe salon. There are only a few spots left, so if you are keen to get some makeup tips from the Australian Makeup Artist of the Year 2010 or get your locks chopped by this star please give us a call in Glebe 94237033 Bondi 93877791

verity make up course