Best salon in Sydney. Well we are up for Hair Expo Salon team of the year 2019 ...

We have made finalist for Australian Hairexpo 2019 Salon team of the year!

We find out on the Queens birthday long weekend in June.

Fingers crossed.

Our Team collection for Hairexpo 2019

How to pick a Hair Salon: Stevie's 5 tips

Have you ever moved cities, towns or even countries? Apart from finding somewhere to live and working out where to local amenities are like the supermarket and pub you also need to find services like your local GP, dentist, and of course (and most importantly!) your hairdresser. This can sometime be the most traumatic selection! Who should you trust? How do you find someone who will do your hair, just how you like it? What if they do a botch job and you have to live with bad hair for weeks!!? So here are my top 5 tips to finding a hairdresser to suit you.

1. Work out what you want

Source: via Ivana on Pinterest

There are a huge range of hairdressing salons out there. Barber shops, walk-in places that just do cuts for a bargain price through to top end fashion driven celebrity hairdressers. It all depends on your budget, the look you are going for and how close by you need them to be. Working out what you want first up is pretty important. If you are low fuss and just looking for a trim every 6-8 weeks a walk-in joint might be perfect. If you like an "experience", a little more TLC, professionally trained hairdressers, beautiful surrounds and want to feel really special when you leave well, come on in to Stevie English Hair. We'd love to look after you!

2. Check out the Salon

Chances are they are a few salons in your local area. Why not go for a wander past each one and check them out?

Is the salon generally clean and tidy? Are the windows clean? Is the floor swept of hair? A tatty dirty salon does not give the confidence that they will pay attention to the little details when doing your hair.

Do the staff take pride in their appearance? Chances are if they care how they look they'll care about how you look.

Does the salon look relatively modern? This is certainly not the most important aspect but it may give you a clue that they like to keep up with other things.  This could include; the latest techniques for colouring, cutting and keeping up education for the staff.

Does the salon have a good vibe or culture? Does it seem like a happy place? Happy employees do a good job.

3. Get a recommendation

Is there someone you work with who has fabulous hair? Do they have an immaculate cut? Is there hair colour inspired? Beg them for their secret and hopefully they will reveal a wonderful hairdresser. Maybe you have seen someone on the street or in the local coffee shop who's hair is fab. Give them a compliment and ask if they would mind sharing their hairdressers name? Ask your friends who does their hair or get on social media. Twitter is great for sourcing the best recommendations from across the web.

4. Are they willing to talk?

I don't mean will they tell you their life gossip while you are trying to read the latest fashion glossy while they blow-dry your hair...I mean, are they willing to give you a consultation about your hair before they touch a strand on your head? This should take into account what you are looking for and also what they recommend depending on your hair type, face shape and lifestyle. Are they willing to do this with no obligation of payment? Are they willing to talk about the various options including the price, so you don't get a rude shock at the register? Hairdressing is a people profession and the relationship they build with you is as important as the hair they do.

5. Do they keep you waiting?

Ever been to the salon, excited about getting your hair done, and looking and feeling great? Of course. Ever been to the salon and had to wait? And wait. Now sometimes things go wrong, staff get sick and the wheels can fall off, the same as any business but it's how you get treated when this happens that makes the difference. If you have arrived on time for your appointment and not been acknowledged or had to wait for 30 mins or more, perhaps they don't deserve your service?

Once you are happy with all these tips, take the plunge and give the new hairdresser a go!

Obviously we want to do your hair. But there are so many great salons out there! Good hunting. Here is a little blog about why we might be good!

We Live and Breathe Hair colour! Best Hair Salon in Sydney.


Here at Stevie English Hair, we do a LOT of colour services. Stevie is the current holder of the “ HairExpo Australian Colour Technician of the Year” title, and he doesn’t do anything else besides colour. Stevie Also spends a lot of the time travelling educating colour around the globe for Matrix.

Our senior team spend all day foiling, balayaging, lightening and toning hair, and our apprentice team learn colour theory and practical before any other hairdressing skills. We live and breathe colour.


Every head of hair is different, and every colour we do in the salon is tailored to our clients and is never the same as any other colour. The only common denominator when colouring hair is the desire to maintain the condition of our clients’ hair. Condition is important for a number of reasons, one being that our work looks better on healthy, shiny, strong hair! Colour also lasts longer on healthy hair. We have a motto at Stevie English Hair, we can do anything with your colour as long as your condition is there. And these two products seriously help!


There is a lot of chatter about ‘miracle’ products in the hair and beauty industries and for the most part, the claims are nonsense. But it is our job to sort through the rubbish to get to the true gold, then pass it on to our clients. We have been using Bond Ultim8 bond restorer in our colour for years, and the results have been amazing. The only relatively new product that we have tried that delivers the same level of results is KHairPep.


KHairPep is unlike any other treatment we use in the salon. It’s the only product of its kind that carries a patented 18-chain peptide and 23 amino acids into hair fibres to repair the damaged caused by colouring and heat styling hair. Basically it’s a scientifically formulated peptide treatment that does what it says it will. You apply KHairPep to damp shampooed hair (do not condition), wait 5 minutes then blow-dry or just leave. No rinsing. It’s very simple to use which probably increases it’s effectiveness because you ACTUALLY USE IT as it’s not a fussy multi-step time consuming affair.


We are devotees of KHairPep and so is pretty much anyone who uses it in the salon or at home. Even the most skeptical of product skeptics (Mel) is converted. Simple to use, not fussy, actually works. What more could you want?

Best Colourist in Australia, loves Pantone Colour of the Year.

Every year we await Pantone’s release of their “Colour of the Year” with interest. This year the colour is one that we already have been using a lot in the salon- we are ahead of the curve! Pantone’s “Living Coral” is “An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge”. AMEN!

Sadie did this colour today!  On trend as ever …

Sadie did this colour today! On trend as ever …

Stevie English himself, our very own 2018 HairExpo Australian Colourist of the Year, says

” I’m a massive fan of peachy tones, and have noticed these trending in our salon for a while now. So to see “living coral” as the Pantone colour is something cool as we at Stevie English Hair pride ourselves on being on trend, and help create trends. To me it shows that the salon crew and clients are some of the coolest in Sydney”

Cool as we may be, what does “Living Coral” mean for your hair? Pink/peach tones are extremely wearable and flattering to almost every skin tone, and a peachy toner or highlight is a very easy way to change your summer look. A few of our stylists have been rocking peach hair and it really shows that it can look good on almost everyone. It’s a low-commitment colour and can be as bright or pastel as you choose, and fades nicely between appointments. Let’s all live in coral!

Living Coral

Best Colourist in Australia

Stevie won the most coveted award for colourists in Australia. Hair Expo colourist of the year 2018   

Winning Images 

Winning Images 

Winning image2 

Winning image2 

Winning image 3 

Winning image 3 

winning image no4

winning image no4

Winning image 5 

Winning image 5 

Winning image 06

Winning image 06

Stevie educates around the world for Matrix

Stevie has trained all staff, with his colour skills and current on trend methods. We have a tiered pricing reflecting experience and most popular styliksts  



On Sunday April 22nd, the salon will be open 10–4pm to help out one of our beloved salon dogs – Millie. She is our resident French Bulldog, she’s adorable and everyone loves her. Millie has developed some pretty serious breathing problems of late, and, as those French would say, she needs a little procedure. 

We are all volunteering our time for the day and donating the end of day takings to Millie. 

Along with the great hair and feel good times, we will have also have some great offers in salon on the day, plus Millie cupcakes & drinks for sale, raffle tickets with some great prizes –  all the proceeds going to saving Millie. So bring your cash!

We look forward to seeing you in the salon on Sunday April 22nd and helping our favourite Frenchie to get the surgery she needs.

If you cant make it to the salon but would like to help Millie -we have a Go fund Me here

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 11.08.40 AM.png



Millie Day

22 April, Sunday, 10–4pm

New Curly Hair Experts team in the inner west , Glebe, Sydney

Curly Hair Superstar team

With a combined 85 years oh hairdressing experience, there isn't much they don't know about curly hair: so I would like to introduce our curly hair stars.  

We spend time training because we know that curly hair is an art in itself. Even with such a large amount of experience - our team always are learning new skills, and there is always a new product to help with curly hair, from our amazing partner Matrix. 

Shaun  worked in London for over 10 years at one of London's top salons. His skills are amazing with afro hair and very difficult hair all lengths. If you think you are a challenge hair wise - Shaun is your go to guy!  He is also the salon's creative specialist, so your curls will be managed and you'll look better than ever before. 

Dave hails from Scotland, he was the head educator for Vidal Sasson in London and also was one of the first educators for Toni & Guy - back in the day when he used to cut hair by candlelight. Dave has great experience with all kinds of curls. Dave understand how the silhouette of your hair works with your head shape - so he'll make even the trickiest hair curls and lengths fabulous. 

Jyle has travelled all the way from Newcastle and has been with Stevie English Hair for over 7 years. He's is a huge fan of soft curls he knows when to cut and when not to, his style is gentle and approaches every clients hair individually.

Sadie originally from England, knows all about troublesome curly, frizzy hair, as she has lived with it all her life.  Sadie's  secret is all about hydrating curls. She has knack for creating beautiful shapes with soft curls, and also is not afraid to add a big bouncy blow dry. 

What products should I use with my curls ? 

From Matrix we have a few options

Curl Please - which is a curly hair regime - A Shampoo and a Conditioner,  and then use either the contouring lotion - to boost body bounce and shine,   or the super de-frizzer - a lightweight strong hold for definition and frizz control .

From our O&M range - Style Guru  and Frizzy Logic for styling , and Seven day Miracle to help hydrate your curls,

From R&Co. Twister is a great styling product.  

Our 3 biggest tips for curly hair are:

1. Only put in curl products in when the hair is soaking wet.

2. Air dry your curls 

3. Avoid razoring curly hair.









Zoe is back for great hair in Glebe

Our fabulous Director Zoe has returned from maternity leave and is back in the salon on Thursdays and Fridays, effective immediately. Her appointments are available from 10am-4pm with days and she’s a popular woman so we recommend scheduling yourself in until Christmas if you really want the Zoe treatment.



Save yes to love and save 20%

At Stevie English Hair, we believe love is love.  Just as everybody’s hair has the same rights to be fabulous, we feel everyone should be allowed to make someone else feel fabulous and get married if they want. 

We like to think everyone we know thinks the same way, so much so, if you show us your Instagram / Facebook photo with you and your YES to gay marriage we will give you 20% off hair services of course the usual terms and conditions apply.

Best Hair Salon in Sydney! Don't believe us its on the Radio.

Shaun McGrath who is our creative specialist was recently on a London podcast to listen HERE

Shaun McGrath on Radio


It's been a while since one of these- 2 years to be precise. A fair bit has changed in that time, including the cost of just about everything involved in running a business. Effective immediately, we are implementing a 5% price increase across all salon services. Thankyou for your continued and loyal patronage and we look forward to servicing our wonderful clients for many years to come.