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The Stevie English Hair Dictionary is (almost) a comprehensive list of hairdressing terms. Everything from some terms you might hear everytime in the salon and some you might never hear.  (It’s a work in progress)

Acidifiers Acidity regulators which maintain the conditioner’s PH value which is about 2.5–3.5. In contact with acidic environment, the hair’s somewhat scaly surface tightens up, as the hydroge bonds between the keratin molecules are strengthened.

Afro An afro is corse and very tight curly hair, sometimes shorted to “fro”, is a often termed hairstyle in which the hair extends out from the head like a halo, cloud or ball.  Reference: Jimi Hendrix

Ammonia A harsh chemical that swells the hair shaft creating holes and breakage

Ammonia FREE All the O&M colour at Stevie English Hair is Ammonia free which leaves the hair in better condition and is kinder on the environment.

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Ash Ash is the term often used in flat colours, ash is a blue/green almost grey reflect and often used to counteract warm shades and colours in hair

Asian hair Is often black and coarse and can be very hard to cut and colour. All staff at Stevie English Hair are trained in the art.

Asymmetrical Not identical on both sides of a central line, a technique often used in cutting to create a one side of hair cut longer than the other