Stevie English Hair, Hair B's

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Back comb  Back combing or teasing is a technique used by your Stevie English Stylist to create height or body. It’s often used as a foundation for hair upstyles. It’s the art of tangling the hair to create a cushion to lift the style and then smoothing over the top. Reference: 1980s hair

Balayage Balayage comes from the French word meaning “to sweep”.  To Balayage the hair is to use a brush to handpaint a thick mixture of lightener onto a section of hair using one of three paint designs.  These designs are singles, slants and V’s. The designers use a “sweeping” motion to apply lightener from thin at the roots to thicker towards the ends. It is free-form handpainted highlights.


Bangs (see fringe)

Barrier cream Barrier cream is what we put on a scalp around the hairline to stop colour staining. Your Stevie English Stylist should always apply this when having a dark colour

Baseline Baseline is the bottom line in a hair cut, this often the starting point for haircuts.

Beehive A high hairstyle that resembles a beehive! An elaborately teased and lacquered hairpiece, most famously worn by Amy Winehouse in more recent years. Beehive is also called a B-52.

Bio- ionic An awesome retexing system can get hair dead straight bit its about changing the hairs structure

Bleach ( see powder lightener)

Blonde Blonde, platinum, light blonde and dark blonde are all hair types of colour meaning of fair colour.

Blowdry Blow drying or blow waving is where your Stevie English Hair Stylist drys your hair with a hair dryer and a brush, often with product to create your perfect individual style

Blow wave (see blow dry)

Blunt cut Hair that is all one length is called a blunt cut. A precise blunt cut is carefully trimmed so that all the hair reaches one level.  Often, tension is used to cut this type of style. When hair is wet, it stretches. After the blunt line if formed in the first section – the nape section, each layer that is brought down to cut is held with tension so that it stretches slightly. When it is cut at the same level as the first section and released, it bounces up to be very slightly shorter so that the ‘blunt’ line is really rounded.

Bob Bob is a precise hair cut that comes in many shapes and sizes from shoulder length, to others that tease with a bit of ear, some have fringes, and of course come in many fantastic colours. We love the bob at Stevie English.

Bob, graduated A graduated bob can be very stylish and is very different compared to the classic straight bob. Layers will give the bob more volume and tapered ends will make the hair look softer.

Another option if the classic single-length bob is not really what you like is a longer rounded nape and short blunt lines at the sides and front. Ask your Stevie English Stylist which version od the bob will suit you

Bobby pins a small slide clip the grips small amounts of hair

Bouffant A bouffant is a type if hairstyle originating in France, thought to be created for Marie Antoinette. The hair is piled high on the head and some is left hanging down the sides.

Bouncy Bouncy is a term used when talking about your blowdry or styling- its big, full, fun, sexy and sassy.

Braiding or Braids Braiding is a weave, two or more strands. It has been done for years often in African hair and on children.

Breakage Hair Breakage is mostly caused by chemicals and harsh styling like burning hair with hairdryers and straightening irons. It can be treated and fixed with the right treatments ask your Stevie English Stylist/colourist

Brown/brunette Dark hair colour

Brassy Brassiness comes from bronze, it is used to refer to hair that is too warm or yellow in tone. This can be the result of colour fading and showing the natural undercoat; or colour that is not processed properly. Brassiness is generally corrected by applying a violet toner or a shade your Stevie English colourist would choose counteract the yellow.

Bungee A hair bungee is an elastic with a hook at one end to wrap around ponytails and up do’s a secret for years of session stylist’s