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Caesar A mens’ haircut named after Julius Caesar. It’s a short horizontally straight cut fringe and layered all around

CCTClean Colour Technology An O&M exclusive that is a revelation to those that have only ever used ‘mainstream’ permanent and semi-permanent hair colours. The benefits of removing ammonia reach far beyond a more pleasant experience while at the salon, over time hair becomes less stressed and noticeably healthier while colour lasts longer and remains true and brighter. O&Ms CCT system delivers 100%grey coverage and 5 shades lighter lift for blondes without the use of ammonia.

Ceramic Ceramic is an inorganic non-metallic solid that is used in lots of hairdressing tools such as brushes, straightening irons and combs.

Chemicals We minimise the amount of chemicals here at Stevie English Hair

Chignon A hair up thing similar to french roll

Clay (see wax)

Climazone An activator or a heater which speeds up colour development. We don’t need one with O&M colour but it can be helpful for clients who are in a rush.

Clippers Electric hair clippers are used at Stevie English Hair, often to get a shorter cut than you can achieve with scissors

Coffee Coffee isn’t something one would expect in a hair dictionary unless trying to explain a mocha type colour or a rich black… but we have such great Single Origin organic coffee at Stevie English with barista trained staff it would be a shame not to mention.

Colour (see permanent, semi, demi, quasi, ammonia free)

Concave The concave haircut has the opposite movement of the convex. The hair is cut with hard or soft lines to curve inward. An example of this is the graduated bob.

Condition Your hair’s condition can affect the final colour result. Your Stevie English Hair colourist will evaluate your hair’s condition in order to determine if you need special pre- or post-colour conditioning services, and create a colour formulation that is best for you and your hair.

Conditioner A product designed to condition or soften hair, its main job is to close the cuticle after shampooing. It has been used since the turn of the century, before natural oils were used to condition hair. Hair conditioner at Stevie English hair is chemical free, and will always be prescribed by your stylist.

Consultation Before every colour and cut service, you should expect an in-depth consultation with your Stevie English stylist/colourist. You will exchange information and ideas about your hair and the look you want to achieve. During the consultation your colorist/Stylist will assess the condition of your hair to help determine what kind of colour product is most appropriate for your hair’s needs and which style and styling products may needed to maintain the colour and hairstyle at home.

Contrast Refers to the difference in lowlight and highlight colour. To achieve high-contrast highlights the foils are much lighter than the surrounding hair colour, to create depth and a more natural look.

Convex The convex haircut is a layered-cut that creates outward movement in the hairstyle. It can be cut to have clear, hard lines, or very subtle soft lines, but will always result in an outward movement of the hair. An example

Cool Cool can be said about the salon interior and its staff at Stevie English Hair! as well as meaning a tonal value that can apply to all colours, A colour is said to have “cool tones” if it tends toward blue or violet. Cool colours include platinum blondes, ash browns, and cool reds which means the more blue that is in red ie.plum / mahogany

Copper Is a red colour,  Orange, can be called strawberry blonde. It’s more of a gold/red and not a blue/red-in your consultation your colourist/stylist will assist you in choosing a perfect shade.

Coverage Coverage is a measure of a hair colour’s ability to cover grey hair. Some hair colour formulations are too transparent to effectively cover grey hair. Covering grey hair can be a little tricky so it requires a special colour formulation from your Stevie English Hair Stylist/colourist in order to avoid flat or unnatural results. All of O&M Permanent  Hair colour provides exceptional grey coverage with resistance to fading whilst using CCT.(see cct)

Cows lick This is a nickname for a hair growth pattern on a hairline. Usually hair that naturally goes towards the back of the head – so it looks like a cow has licked your head, at Stevie English Hair all staff are taught how to cut and aid with cows licks and help and suggest styling

Creative Colour A colour chosen by your Stevie English Hair Stylist/colourist –a combination of colours often using different sectioning patterns to create an individual style.

Crimping  Hair crimping is a method of styling straight hair so that it becomes wavy, often in a 80’s fashion. This is usually achieved by treating the hair with heat from a crimping iron or by braiding the hair, often in multiple strands, then undoing the Braids (see braids).

Crimping iron Crimping iron is a tool which creates a crimp or wave in hair.

Crown and Double Crown Most individuals have a specific hair growth pattern at the crown area of the head (the area of the skull where the head begins to curve downward to the back of the head). In a typical person there is a single point at which the hair appears to radiate outward in a circular or semicircular pattern. Stylist must work with the hair’s natural growth patterns.

Croydon Facelift The Croydon Facelift is a particular hairstyle worn by young women, allegedly from Croydon in England. The hair is pulled back tight and tied in a ponytail or bun at the back. The supposed result is that the skin of the forehead and face are pulled up and back, producing the effects of a facelift. I love this saying- it’s not a big look we reproduce at Stevie English.

Curling iron Similar to a straightening iron and crimping iron, it is a tong used to change the structure of the hair using heat. Hair is wrapped around a wand or iron to create a curl.

Curly Is the form of some people’s hair. At Stevie English Hair we have some curly hair experts and all staff are trained in depth on how to cut, style and hydrate curly hair.