Im not Gay but im a hairdresser and proud of it!

After reading this morning about the prime ministers partner being called gay because he is a hairdresser, I felt the need to write something about that albeit briefly. This bothers me for two reasons:

Firstly because being a hairdresser myself (as if u didn't know!) I've been called or rather mistaken for gay, it's an age old stereotype but I don't find it an insult just a mistake. I resent that there is a touch or insult to suggest the Prime Ministers partner could be gay.

I've been mistaken as a gay couple when out at a football match with my genius brand manager, we still tell that story laughing. Neither of us was insulted.

And secondly:

That to be a hairdresser you need to be gay. Trust me it doesn't enhance or reduce ones skill levels at all.

Homophobia and racism have no part in society. They stop with me. I could say we don't tolerate at Stevie English. But I don't need to, #teamEnglish just aren't like that.