We Live and Breathe Hair colour! Best Hair Salon in Sydney.


Here at Stevie English Hair, we do a LOT of colour services. Stevie is the current holder of the “ HairExpo Australian Colour Technician of the Year” title, and he doesn’t do anything else besides colour. Stevie Also spends a lot of the time travelling educating colour around the globe for Matrix.

Our senior team spend all day foiling, balayaging, lightening and toning hair, and our apprentice team learn colour theory and practical before any other hairdressing skills. We live and breathe colour.


Every head of hair is different, and every colour we do in the salon is tailored to our clients and is never the same as any other colour. The only common denominator when colouring hair is the desire to maintain the condition of our clients’ hair. Condition is important for a number of reasons, one being that our work looks better on healthy, shiny, strong hair! Colour also lasts longer on healthy hair. We have a motto at Stevie English Hair, we can do anything with your colour as long as your condition is there. And these two products seriously help!


There is a lot of chatter about ‘miracle’ products in the hair and beauty industries and for the most part, the claims are nonsense. But it is our job to sort through the rubbish to get to the true gold, then pass it on to our clients. We have been using Bond Ultim8 bond restorer in our colour for years, and the results have been amazing. The only relatively new product that we have tried that delivers the same level of results is KHairPep.


KHairPep is unlike any other treatment we use in the salon. It’s the only product of its kind that carries a patented 18-chain peptide and 23 amino acids into hair fibres to repair the damaged caused by colouring and heat styling hair. Basically it’s a scientifically formulated peptide treatment that does what it says it will. You apply KHairPep to damp shampooed hair (do not condition), wait 5 minutes then blow-dry or just leave. No rinsing. It’s very simple to use which probably increases it’s effectiveness because you ACTUALLY USE IT as it’s not a fussy multi-step time consuming affair.


We are devotees of KHairPep and so is pretty much anyone who uses it in the salon or at home. Even the most skeptical of product skeptics (Mel) is converted. Simple to use, not fussy, actually works. What more could you want?

Best Hair Salon in Sydney! Don't believe us its on the Radio.

Shaun McGrath who is our creative specialist was recently on a London podcast to listen HERE

Shaun McGrath on Radio


It's been a while since one of these- 2 years to be precise. A fair bit has changed in that time, including the cost of just about everything involved in running a business. Effective immediately, we are implementing a 5% price increase across all salon services. Thankyou for your continued and loyal patronage and we look forward to servicing our wonderful clients for many years to come.



Sadie- Blonde Specialist 


  Here at Stevie English we do A LOT of colour. All day, every day, we paint, foil, lighten, tone and create beautiful colours on our wonderful clients. All of our staff are talented colourists, and they all have their favourite things to do in the salon.



     Sadie is our English rose, and she LOVES colouring blonde hair. She is excellent at precision foiling, balayage, full head powder lightening and corrective toning. Sadie is also a Showpony Hair Extensions specialist and can colour match any head of hair to suit their amazing human hair extensions. It goes without saying that her cutting and finishing skills are on point, but we will say it anyway- her cutting and finishing skills are on point.



After travelling all over the world, Sadie has settled in sunny Sydney. She loves to surf, run, be in the sun and just be healthy and happy. We are lucky to have her on our team, and the blondes of Sydney are lucky to have her hands on their hair! Sadie works Wednesday to Saturday and every second Sunday in Glebe, 






    At Stevie English we always recommend Matrix Bond Ultim8 - a bond restructuring treatment that holds and re-builds bonds even in hair that is super damaged. For blondes and people who lighten their hair, this is a saviour product that can keep your hair in tip-top healthy condition. Sadie is a big fan.

Bond 3 is magic 

Bond 3 is magic 

Stevie English Hair Educates @ HairExpo 2013

This year at hairExpo the Stevie English Hair Artistic Team will be educating in the the look 'n' learn Auditorium at the Exhibition centre. If you follow our Stevie Englishhair Instagram account you will see our Bond inspired art, Bond girls and Bond villains StevieStyle. We might be running a competition for someone to win a limited edition Stevie English Hair Bond print at our HairExpo seminar ;)


We believe that their are 3 main ingredients to becoming a great hairdresser.

Education, Fun and Practise. 


Stevie English Hair presents a tongue in cheek, James Bond themed Show.

Who like's gadgets? Because Q gives us the best!

Tequila... I mean Martini.

But we will  shake and  maybe stir the way you think about hair, and education.



Hair is art, and art is hair- We make both!

We are in the Look and Learn Auditorium at 11 on Monday, come check our amazing team out.

Hairexpo Prices

Happy New Year from Glebe and Bondi!

Wow! 2012 has been a massive and fantastic year at Stevie English Hair. I hope it's been great for you too! We celebrated 5 years in our Glebe salon, on Glebe Point Rd, and opened our new Bondi Salon on Bronte Rd.


We have welcomed some great new talent to our salons and am so pleased to have a loyal and skilled team who developed their skills throughout the year and done some fantastic hair for our clients!

So what else did we get up to? Oh nothing much...

  • Stephen from our Bondi Salon won @hairExpo Apprentice Student Cutter of the Year! For the second Year running.
  • Stephen was chosen to be on the rising star stage.
  • All of our collections got published.
  • Stevie Educated in every state.
  • Stephen  got to do hair for the final of Project Runway
  • Presented on how to use Social Media in your business for Hairdressers.

  • We were a finalist in the City of Sydney Business Awards. Again! Woo, hoo!!

  • Got featured in some mags....

Competed in a few competitions. We did ok!

  • Did some education for other hairdressers for GHD

  • Did some hair for the Woolmark Fashion Show at the Royal Easter Show. Elly was the Director. Go Elly!

  • Commented on a few hair trends, the quiff and pastel hair colour
  • Ran a Picture it 4 Stevie competition. Check out some of the great shots here

Wow! What a year. Trust me there was more! But we couldn't have done it all without the most important people. YOU! Our fantastic clients, who inspire us to do our very best work to you everyday. From our team at Glebe and Bondi, Happy New Year! We wish you the best for 2013 and fab hair to go with whatever you choose to do!

Stevie xx

Greener pasture's

Stevie English Hair is not usually in the Bad News Business, but every now and then, something happens. Unfortunately, this particular 'something' happens to be the departure of our brilliant, talented Creative Director, Verity Griffiths. Verity has been an integral part of our team for over three years, and is moving on to greener pastures in her home country of New Zealand. It goes without saying that we will miss her terribly, but we respect and support Verity in anything she does. She has given everyone here so much, and will continue her fantastic work across the ocean. Verity's last day in the salon will be Saturday September 17, so anyone needing that final touch of the magician's wand should hustle themselves an appointment before then.

We will have Pop up weeks when Verity will come back for the odd stint, but with Verity's schedule with films will be unusual so we will not know when till quite close to the time. Make sure you LIKE Stevie English Hair facebook page as that's where we will put the announcements.

We wish Verity all the love and luck. #TeamEnglishForever

Hair Expo 2011 Generation Next.

Hair Expo is the largest hairdressing conference in the southern hemisphere. It attracts some of the biggest names in the hairdressing industry, with over 200 exhibitors, 2000 models, hair stylists chopping, colouring and creating amazing styles to enthrall local talent and makeup artists helping. It's a big three days. This year, Stevie English Hair was asked to do a show at the prestigious Sunday night Generation Next night. It's a bit of an honor to be asked, but the invitation comes with a lot of pressure.

We decided an English theme was the way to start (obviously) our assault on the Hair Expo stage. We shot a collection with Nicole McCluskey in March and we had the awesome CNCphotography do are moving image for the collection, and we used these images as  the start of prepping for the show. It took 4 story boards, and many hours of talks and meetings just to come up with the ideas . Stevie English Hair creative director Verity Griffths worked tirelessly on this show, it would be impossible to calculate the amount of time and energy she spent on every aspect . Now we have a top team with ideas and help, but nothing quite prepared me for the amount of work, time and effort that goes in to a 5 minute show. This is a summary of what went on:

* 8 models

*2 extras ( punks)

* 1 kid

* 12 separate looks

* 16 wigs and hairpices

* 10 fantastic vintage costumes, sourced from Grandma takes  trip by our amazing stylists Kelly Hume and Mattie Cronan.

*1 handmade Vivienne Westwood-style skirt, made from Union Jack flags and Stevie English Punk Regal print fabric.

* 2 choreographers

* 3 photographers

* 5 makeup artists

* 1 manicurist

* 16 hairstylists

* 1 live stream blogger and technical manager

* 1 horse

* 1 dog (note: horse and dog did not make it onstage, the old saying about working with animals is true!)

It was the biggest team project we have ever undertaken, and we pulled it off. The show was incredible, everything we wanted it to be, and the realisation of Verity's vision. It's difficult to explain how proud we are of our whole team, and how much we appreciate the work they all put in. Can't wait until we have the video to post, but in the meantime, here are a few images taken backstage and on the night. What fun we had!

A special thanks to the companies who helped us with our show so a  O&M , GHD , Prohairstylist and Skoda



Hairdressing Salon Training In Glebe At Its Best

To have the best salon in Glebe, voted by the city of Sydney two years running is amazing, but we love our hair skills to do all the talking. But how do we stay sharp? We hire  one of the best in business to come in and train our staff in our upstairs Academy.  Tracey Hughes who owns  and established mieka hairdressing is Melbourne. Tracey is one of the great educators in Australia, she is one of the Artistic directors for redkin and spends her life traveling around Australia and the globe. Tracey has just come back from NY fashion week.  Its great to inspire our team with 1 on 1 training and Tracey's approach to hair is enthusiastic.  What with her fashion talk from NY, catwalk styles, future predictions of trending hair styles and colours. Hair coming out of Stevie English will be current and fun. Thanks Tracey.

Getting Seriously pampered in Glebe

We are very priviliged to work with great people, especially the lovely team from Realize beauty.

So two lucky winners will come up or down  to Sydney and get the Stevie English treatment, then they will have an image consultation by Cosmina, and be taken shopping with $500 to spend on a guided shopping tour of Sydney. Amanda Foxon-Hill, who is the big brain behind Realize Beauty will do a cosmetic kitchen workshop. The winners will then get to take part in their very own photo shoot. How Awesome!

Cool Hair in Glebe

Add an ImageVerity has just finished a crazy few weeks of editorial, here is a few shots of her work published in a UK online mag. Verity is off over sea's for 6 weeks  to shoot in LA, New York,  Stockholm, London and Paris there is no stopping this girl. Watch this space for shots ;)

Verity last day in the salon is 20th of July she is working a few Sundays to fit her loyal clients in.

Seventh Wonderland Australian Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010

So This week in Sydney is Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, and Verity and Raquel are out of the salon working on shows. We are going to be giving Verity's tips on how she created the looks for designers over the next few days. Most of it is going to be for the hairdressing nerds, but hey, we like to keep you informed. At The English: "Knowledge is Power".

These photos here are from the Seventh Wonderland show. "Hair was heavily gelled and section by section, working from the nape to the forehead, it was smoothly wrapped back and forth against the head. Front sections directed forward and then swept up and back in the crown sections. The very front/top sections were sculpted wet onto the face and flowed around the sides and onto the neck. The finished look was wet, modern, 20's/50's skull bathing cap. Was really beautiful with the swimwear",said Verity.
Love your work V.