Stevie English Hair Educates @ HairExpo 2013

This year at hairExpo the Stevie English Hair Artistic Team will be educating in the the look 'n' learn Auditorium at the Exhibition centre. If you follow our Stevie Englishhair Instagram account you will see our Bond inspired art, Bond girls and Bond villains StevieStyle. We might be running a competition for someone to win a limited edition Stevie English Hair Bond print at our HairExpo seminar ;)


We believe that their are 3 main ingredients to becoming a great hairdresser.

Education, Fun and Practise. 


Stevie English Hair presents a tongue in cheek, James Bond themed Show.

Who like's gadgets? Because Q gives us the best!

Tequila... I mean Martini.

But we will  shake and  maybe stir the way you think about hair, and education.



Hair is art, and art is hair- We make both!

We are in the Look and Learn Auditorium at 11 on Monday, come check our amazing team out.

Hairexpo Prices

England Calling Published

Here it is at last! The amazing shots that were taken backstage at #hairexpo when we were prepping for our "England Calling" Gen Next catwalk extravaganza.The show has been mentioned here in a previous post , and these photos were the talented models and dancers who rocked on stage for us. We had some of our favorite photographers shoot this collection: Chang&Cox Photography , and once again they have produced some incredible images. Byron and Hsin worked tirelessly for the entire day amongst utter chaos backstage, and the shots are a testament to their ability and professionalism. It was quite hard getting the models to the photographers whilst prepping for the show, and the whole process had to run on a pretty tight schedule, but we managed to get it done and the photos speak for themselves.The Hair Expo show was inspired by English Icons, and we had shot a collection with another photographer  another team fave the Amazing Nicole McCluskey .  This original collection was the inspiration for the "England Calling" show. In the collection seen here, we wanted the English style and flair to come through but still have a different direction and add more fun and movement. It was loads of fun to produce, and I think that is visible in the final images. I often think by the time the pictures have made it to print that you don't want to see them again, but this has not been the case with these two collections. We al love them so much and could look at them forever! #TeamEnglish





Stevie English Hair Front Cover Love

It's great when your work gets published, but even better when you get a mention on the front cover! We have 2 collections going into this awesome new issue of HairBiz mag: 1 shot at Hair Expo (whilst prepping for our hugely popular  Gen Next show),  and the other by Joel Phillips. Joel's story will also have an interview with this talented superstar who got a Highly Commended at Hair Expo.  Both collections were shot by oor incredibly clever collaborators CNCPhotography . We will post them both this week, so watch this space.  

Voting makes us happy

We have been finalists in the City of Sydney Business Awards for the last 3 years, winning it the last two times. It was a huge honour, and it comes to that time again when we need our supporters (friends and family) to vote. you can do it by SMS "Stevie" 0447447070 or vote using your email address) here the city of sydney business awards #tip Glebe postcode is 2037

Best Hairdressers in Glebe, Best Apprentice in Australia!

Last weekend was Hair Expo, the biggest hairdressing event in the southern hemisphere. The Stevie English Team participated in many elements of the Expo, including the very prestigious Apprentice Competition. This contest is no easy task, the young stylists are up on stage with their model and they are given 45 mins to finish a haircut in front of  a packed auditorium. It's hard enough to do a haircut in 45 mins, let alone with the added pressure of being watched by all of your colleagues, peers and friends. To top it off, some of the best hairdressers in Australian scrutinise your worked and pass judgement on it!

This year we had two of our young superstars entering the Apprentice Comp- Joel Phillips and Stephen Grech. Joel was recently awarded Judges Recognition for his incredible photographic collection for Hair Expo, and both he and Stephen are prized salon assets. The fantastic news- Stephen was judged the winner on the day! His award is a credit to all his hard work and natural talent. We are all super proud of both our boys.

Stevie English Hair is proud of our team, we are proud of our culture too. We love hairdressing and we love to share our knowledge. We have a really strong team, who enjoy each others company and who enjoy sharing our talents and skills. We put a lot of emphasis on training. Our assistants are tomorrows superstars, and some of our young guys are really starting to shine. Georgie Won this award 2 years ago, and so for Stephen to win it this year was great and sets the standard for the students  coming though are academy . There is a slight bias but  the winner was going to be either Stephen or Joel, both haircuts were  both technically good. Jade is the head trainer in the salon with Kirsty and Verity helping out to

show slightly different approaches to cutting and Stevie runs all the colour education.

Here are two shots we took of Stephen's winning haircut back stage prepping for our #GenNext show.

Great colour, (someone has taught him well)and great haircut.  Not bad for someone who has only just started the third year of his apprenticeship. We are really proud of Stephen and Joel, not only for winning and getting attention but for trying so damn hard. They have great careers ahead of them and we can't wait to watch.

Getting Seriously pampered in Glebe

We are very priviliged to work with great people, especially the lovely team from Realize beauty.

So two lucky winners will come up or down  to Sydney and get the Stevie English treatment, then they will have an image consultation by Cosmina, and be taken shopping with $500 to spend on a guided shopping tour of Sydney. Amanda Foxon-Hill, who is the big brain behind Realize Beauty will do a cosmetic kitchen workshop. The winners will then get to take part in their very own photo shoot. How Awesome!

Katrina Bowden has no Equal

Raquel, who is one of are youngest stars was out assisting in hair and makeup shooting Katrina Bowden, for the Wish Clothing campaign and then again for OK Magazine. We love 30 Rock and Tina Fey can do no wrong.  Katrina Bowden is the hot ditsy secretary of Liz Lemon on the  show, but Katrina is out to be the face of Wish. I asked Quelle if she had fun-"heaps of fun, the day has no equal that I can remember, it was great", she replied. We can't wait to see the Wish campaign shots and the pics from OK.... watch this space.

Seventh Wonderland Australian Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010

So This week in Sydney is Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, and Verity and Raquel are out of the salon working on shows. We are going to be giving Verity's tips on how she created the looks for designers over the next few days. Most of it is going to be for the hairdressing nerds, but hey, we like to keep you informed. At The English: "Knowledge is Power".

These photos here are from the Seventh Wonderland show. "Hair was heavily gelled and section by section, working from the nape to the forehead, it was smoothly wrapped back and forth against the head. Front sections directed forward and then swept up and back in the crown sections. The very front/top sections were sculpted wet onto the face and flowed around the sides and onto the neck. The finished look was wet, modern, 20's/50's skull bathing cap. Was really beautiful with the swimwear",said Verity.
Love your work V.

AHFA's Makeup Artist of the year goes to................

It's official: Verity Griffths is the BEST Makeup Artist in Australia!! Look -she is holding a big shiny award to prove it. I have never doubted mind you, Verity is a talent, and she needs no award to confirm that. She is a finalist for Hair Expo Session Stylist of the Year as well! Which will be judged in june, so watch this space.
Last night at the AHFAs at Sydney Town Hall I watched Verity take out the award and give a lovely speech, will also point out that she was the first person to swear up on stage. Its amazing to watch people you work with, who work really hard get proper recognition for all their hard work. Well done V you potty mouth.