Greener pasture's

Stevie English Hair is not usually in the Bad News Business, but every now and then, something happens. Unfortunately, this particular 'something' happens to be the departure of our brilliant, talented Creative Director, Verity Griffiths. Verity has been an integral part of our team for over three years, and is moving on to greener pastures in her home country of New Zealand. It goes without saying that we will miss her terribly, but we respect and support Verity in anything she does. She has given everyone here so much, and will continue her fantastic work across the ocean. Verity's last day in the salon will be Saturday September 17, so anyone needing that final touch of the magician's wand should hustle themselves an appointment before then.

We will have Pop up weeks when Verity will come back for the odd stint, but with Verity's schedule with films will be unusual so we will not know when till quite close to the time. Make sure you LIKE Stevie English Hair facebook page as that's where we will put the announcements.

We wish Verity all the love and luck. #TeamEnglishForever

Seventh Wonderland Australian Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010

So This week in Sydney is Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, and Verity and Raquel are out of the salon working on shows. We are going to be giving Verity's tips on how she created the looks for designers over the next few days. Most of it is going to be for the hairdressing nerds, but hey, we like to keep you informed. At The English: "Knowledge is Power".

These photos here are from the Seventh Wonderland show. "Hair was heavily gelled and section by section, working from the nape to the forehead, it was smoothly wrapped back and forth against the head. Front sections directed forward and then swept up and back in the crown sections. The very front/top sections were sculpted wet onto the face and flowed around the sides and onto the neck. The finished look was wet, modern, 20's/50's skull bathing cap. Was really beautiful with the swimwear",said Verity.
Love your work V.