Hair Expo 2011 Generation Next.

Hair Expo is the largest hairdressing conference in the southern hemisphere. It attracts some of the biggest names in the hairdressing industry, with over 200 exhibitors, 2000 models, hair stylists chopping, colouring and creating amazing styles to enthrall local talent and makeup artists helping. It's a big three days. This year, Stevie English Hair was asked to do a show at the prestigious Sunday night Generation Next night. It's a bit of an honor to be asked, but the invitation comes with a lot of pressure.

We decided an English theme was the way to start (obviously) our assault on the Hair Expo stage. We shot a collection with Nicole McCluskey in March and we had the awesome CNCphotography do are moving image for the collection, and we used these images as  the start of prepping for the show. It took 4 story boards, and many hours of talks and meetings just to come up with the ideas . Stevie English Hair creative director Verity Griffths worked tirelessly on this show, it would be impossible to calculate the amount of time and energy she spent on every aspect . Now we have a top team with ideas and help, but nothing quite prepared me for the amount of work, time and effort that goes in to a 5 minute show. This is a summary of what went on:

* 8 models

*2 extras ( punks)

* 1 kid

* 12 separate looks

* 16 wigs and hairpices

* 10 fantastic vintage costumes, sourced from Grandma takes  trip by our amazing stylists Kelly Hume and Mattie Cronan.

*1 handmade Vivienne Westwood-style skirt, made from Union Jack flags and Stevie English Punk Regal print fabric.

* 2 choreographers

* 3 photographers

* 5 makeup artists

* 1 manicurist

* 16 hairstylists

* 1 live stream blogger and technical manager

* 1 horse

* 1 dog (note: horse and dog did not make it onstage, the old saying about working with animals is true!)

It was the biggest team project we have ever undertaken, and we pulled it off. The show was incredible, everything we wanted it to be, and the realisation of Verity's vision. It's difficult to explain how proud we are of our whole team, and how much we appreciate the work they all put in. Can't wait until we have the video to post, but in the meantime, here are a few images taken backstage and on the night. What fun we had!

A special thanks to the companies who helped us with our show so a  O&M , GHD , Prohairstylist and Skoda