Ssssh Its a secret.

Over the last few years I have been asked many times what it is we do to build our profile, why are we getting so popular? I honestly don't do anything except use Social media. I have never paid for advertising and have not had PR until very recently . I use Twitter a lot and have two accounts @englishhair (which is just hair related stuff from the salon) and @stevieEnglish (mad ramblings of yours truly).I have asked all staff to have a Twitter account. I use Facebook to communicate with clients and friends about interesting salon news. That's the secret. Please don't tell anyone.

European car manufacturer #Skoda, in their wisdom, gave me a car for the month of June, our Hair Expo month.  After December, it's the busiest month of the year. The reason for this was because I tweet and use facebook, and I suited the target demographic for the new Skoda Octavia.  I'm not a car expert, but I did not want to give the car up at the end of the month.  It's a diesel, Bloody lovely, loads of extras that was fun to drive and really economical. There were no strings attached to the loan, but I loved that car so much I can't help talking about it! Clever #Skoda marketing team. I want to drive that car forever. And I'm trying to get my lovely clever wife to let me buy one.

Still think Social Media is a fad?

Stoli Vodka contacted us about doing a video blog about our Original idea in the salon, as a part of the Stoli Originals online campaign. here they are on facebook. Stoli is the Original Vodka, and we follow an original philosophy here in the salon. I'm really happy to talk about an Original brand like Stoli, not only because they gave us vodka, but because we love the idea of promoting originality in any form. But why did they choose us, because they knew we like Stoli vodka? It was because of our online presence, because we have a pretty cool brand, and we are visible due to our use of social media.

And more...

I was given a whole collection of the coolest colourful watches from Plstc. Again, why? Because I  love watches, yes! And these watches are well cool, I handed most out to the guys at work but kept my fave two colours. Again this was because we use social media. I'm not an "expert" expert. I'm social. I enjoy engaging with people. And that's the key for me: it's talking, it's not broadcasting. It's getting involved with what's going on, and making contact with people and brands who are interesting and engaging too.

I would like to thank #skoda, #stoli #plstic for choosing us and for the other brands that have given us drinks, plays,tickets to the footy and dinners. We are a social bunch here ate Stevie English Hair, and we love the Social Media!