Best Colourist in Australia

Stevie won the most coveted award for colourists in Australia. Hair Expo colourist of the year 2018   

 Winning Images 

Winning Images 

 Winning image2 

Winning image2 

 Winning image 3 

Winning image 3 

 winning image no4

winning image no4

 Winning image 5 

Winning image 5 

 Winning image 06

Winning image 06

Stevie educates around the world for Matrix

Stevie has trained all staff, with his colour skills and current on trend methods. We have a tiered pricing reflecting experience and most popular styliksts  

Save yes to love and save 20%

At Stevie English Hair, we believe love is love.  Just as everybody’s hair has the same rights to be fabulous, we feel everyone should be allowed to make someone else feel fabulous and get married if they want. 

We like to think everyone we know thinks the same way, so much so, if you show us your Instagram / Facebook photo with you and your YES to gay marriage we will give you 20% off hair services of course the usual terms and conditions apply.

Best Hair Salon in Sydney! Don't believe us its on the Radio.

Shaun McGrath who is our creative specialist was recently on a London podcast to listen HERE

Shaun McGrath on Radio


It's been a while since one of these- 2 years to be precise. A fair bit has changed in that time, including the cost of just about everything involved in running a business. Effective immediately, we are implementing a 5% price increase across all salon services. Thankyou for your continued and loyal patronage and we look forward to servicing our wonderful clients for many years to come.



Sadie- Blonde Specialist 


  Here at Stevie English we do A LOT of colour. All day, every day, we paint, foil, lighten, tone and create beautiful colours on our wonderful clients. All of our staff are talented colourists, and they all have their favourite things to do in the salon.



     Sadie is our English rose, and she LOVES colouring blonde hair. She is excellent at precision foiling, balayage, full head powder lightening and corrective toning. Sadie is also a Showpony Hair Extensions specialist and can colour match any head of hair to suit their amazing human hair extensions. It goes without saying that her cutting and finishing skills are on point, but we will say it anyway- her cutting and finishing skills are on point.



After travelling all over the world, Sadie has settled in sunny Sydney. She loves to surf, run, be in the sun and just be healthy and happy. We are lucky to have her on our team, and the blondes of Sydney are lucky to have her hands on their hair! Sadie works Wednesday to Saturday and every second Sunday in Glebe, 






    At Stevie English we always recommend Matrix Bond Ultim8 - a bond restructuring treatment that holds and re-builds bonds even in hair that is super damaged. For blondes and people who lighten their hair, this is a saviour product that can keep your hair in tip-top healthy condition. Sadie is a big fan.

 Bond 3 is magic 

Bond 3 is magic 

Stevie English Hair Educates @ HairExpo 2013

This year at hairExpo the Stevie English Hair Artistic Team will be educating in the the look 'n' learn Auditorium at the Exhibition centre. If you follow our Stevie Englishhair Instagram account you will see our Bond inspired art, Bond girls and Bond villains StevieStyle. We might be running a competition for someone to win a limited edition Stevie English Hair Bond print at our HairExpo seminar ;)


We believe that their are 3 main ingredients to becoming a great hairdresser.

Education, Fun and Practise. 


Stevie English Hair presents a tongue in cheek, James Bond themed Show.

Who like's gadgets? Because Q gives us the best!

Tequila... I mean Martini.

But we will  shake and  maybe stir the way you think about hair, and education.



Hair is art, and art is hair- We make both!

We are in the Look and Learn Auditorium at 11 on Monday, come check our amazing team out.

Hairexpo Prices

Happy New Year from Glebe and Bondi!

Wow! 2012 has been a massive and fantastic year at Stevie English Hair. I hope it's been great for you too! We celebrated 5 years in our Glebe salon, on Glebe Point Rd, and opened our new Bondi Salon on Bronte Rd.


We have welcomed some great new talent to our salons and am so pleased to have a loyal and skilled team who developed their skills throughout the year and done some fantastic hair for our clients!

So what else did we get up to? Oh nothing much...

  • Stephen from our Bondi Salon won @hairExpo Apprentice Student Cutter of the Year! For the second Year running.
  • Stephen was chosen to be on the rising star stage.
  • All of our collections got published.
  • Stevie Educated in every state.
  • Stephen  got to do hair for the final of Project Runway
  • Presented on how to use Social Media in your business for Hairdressers.

  • We were a finalist in the City of Sydney Business Awards. Again! Woo, hoo!!

  • Got featured in some mags....

Competed in a few competitions. We did ok!

  • Did some education for other hairdressers for GHD

  • Did some hair for the Woolmark Fashion Show at the Royal Easter Show. Elly was the Director. Go Elly!

  • Commented on a few hair trends, the quiff and pastel hair colour
  • Ran a Picture it 4 Stevie competition. Check out some of the great shots here

Wow! What a year. Trust me there was more! But we couldn't have done it all without the most important people. YOU! Our fantastic clients, who inspire us to do our very best work to you everyday. From our team at Glebe and Bondi, Happy New Year! We wish you the best for 2013 and fab hair to go with whatever you choose to do!

Stevie xx

Christmas Inspiration: where Gypsies meet fashion

If you love the Lifestyle channel then I bet you have seen Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. It’s one of lifestyles most popular shows, and I can see why.  The British documentary gives us a peak into a life so far removed from what most of us experience that it’s fascinating.  Apart from giving us into an insight into this travelling community and their history of religious and cultural traditions, it’s the wedding dresses, the make-up, the nails, and the hair that add up to being as Over-The-Top as possible. Big, bold, brash, colourful. It’s a fantasy of princess-like proportions. Every little girls’ (and maybe a few drag star’s) dream. The nails are long and fake. The fashion is tizzy, sparkly, frou-frou princess. It’s fabulous in a Barbie doll kind of way.

But can we take inspiration from this? I’m not going to suggest that we should all get out there and be as big and brash as possible, because let’s face it, who has the time (or the budget for all that product!) but could we be inspired to take a little glam and a little sparkle into our day? A big Gypsy yes!

So can you take a little Gypsy style and work it into the silly season? Of course! The trick is to take a style that many of us would think is ridiculous and translate it to cool. And this is a great time of year to try it out.

­Here are my top 5 tips to add some Gypsy magic to the Christmas season!

  1. Just take one piece of inspiration: The reason the Gypsy look is so over the top is because there is a lot, ok a massive amount of things going on, that all compete for attention. Coco Chanel famously said “Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewellery.” The Gypsy mantra would be the opposite, plus some. You can pare back the Gypsy style and just take one part of the look. Say you want to rock the Gypsy big hair. Big hair can be fabulous and a cool, cool fashion statement. But tone down everything else. Keep your make-up simple and your fashion a little more subdued. Let the fake tan fade, shorten the nails and paint them a natural pink hue. A make-under.

Source: via Lauren on pinterest

2. Inject some colour: Your classic Gypsy is just not seen in black. Hot pink? Yes. White satin? Yes. Some fluro with sequins? Yes.Our big cities are flooded with corporate black clothes. Bor-ring. Christmas is the time to grab some new fashion brights. Some fluro or metallic shoes, bright blue coloured jeans, a fuchsia tank top or a tangerine cardy. Maybe some bright yellow tights with that black work skirt, or a brightly coloured scarf with a classic white shirt?

3. Get some sparkle. OK, you might look (and feel) a little silly boarding public transport for your daily commute in a tiara, but a smoothed out ponytail, using a little Original Queenie  to tidy any strays, and adding a crystal encrusted hair clip for the after work chrissy cocktails, is sophisticated.

Source: via Alex on Pinterest

A weekend dinner in your black tuxedo style jacket with a crystal brooch would be stunning. A crystal or diamond set watch can be worn day in, day out for a little Gypsy bling.

4. Extend it: Gypsy hair is about big and long, but long hair needs regular love and care and just not that practical for all of us every day. If you don’t have long tresses why not try a hair piece or have extensions put in? For a special occasion a well matched hair piece can give your hair added thickness and bounce or if you would love to have longer hair for longer, extensions could be for you. Salon applied hair extensions, if well looked after, can look and feel great. They give you flexibility to have long hair instantly. In a couple of hours (instead of a couple of years) you can have hair halfway down your back.

At Stevie English hair we can help you get long tresses for all your parties. We use show pony hair extensions which are the best in the business.

5. Get polished: The Gypsy style is about being “polished” and put-together all the time. If you lead a busy life it’s hard to find the time for all the “Gypsy” maintenance. I know when my clients leave my salon they feel fantastic. Nothing better than having your hair professionally done and many clients book in advance to look forward to their regular hair maintenance. But how good would it feel to have other parts of you also look fabulous? You might not like the acrylic long talons of the Gypsies but you can keep your hands and feet looking neat with a fortnightly mani-pedi. What about nourishing the body and soul with a massage once a month? How about an hour’s walk on Sunday afternoon to clear your mind and oxygenate your body, to prepare you for the week ahead? What about spending Saturday afternoon in your favourite department store trying some new make-up looks?

I think Gypsy style is the perfect place to grab some glam inspiration for Christmas. Big Fat Gypsy Wedding reminds us that hair and fashion shouldn’t be serious and that we all need some colour, sparkle and fun in our lives!

Happy Birthday to Stevie English Hair

Tomorrow we turn 5! In some ways it feels so much longer, I can't remember not thinking about Stevie English Hair. It feels like just yesterday that we opened our Glebe store. It has been fantastic. I have so many fond memories, from building the shop with my dad, the early days with Kirsty, partying, and always doing great hair. Creating our brand. Stevie English Hair is here to stay.  



Stephen wins Apprentice Student Cutter 2012 For Stevie English Hair

Wow! It’s been a big couple of weeks leading up to Hair Expo and a very successful event. We have a star in our midst! Luvies, have you been to our new Bondi Salon yet? If you have, you would have met Stephen Grechy, our Apprentice Student Cutter of the Year, 2012. This is the second year in a row Stephen has won this competition. How cool is that? The competition is part of Hair Expo, which is always a massive time for our salon. Having Stephen win again was so exciting.

I want all my team to be the best they can be and I will always encourage them to develop their skills in wherever their passion lies. Competitions are one way to do this. The Apprentice Student Cutting Competition is conducted live on stage so you need to be able to perform under stress.

The winner needs to pull together a whole look while demonstrating their cutting and styling ability. That’s a lot of pressure for 45 minutes of work and Stephen did really well on the day. But he also did lots and lots of practice before hand.  It’s not luck that he won this competition. He works really hard to develop his natural talent. He practices more than anyone else in the team and is the last one to leave at night and first in, in the morning.

To take out the title, Stephen needed to provide a finished “look” that was in line with “new seasonal hair fashion trends”. Providing his own model, he needed to think about make-up, clothing…the whole package! I love this because the competition recognises that hairstyles are an integral part of fashion. For our clients it’s not just about their hair. They are looking to create an overall look, and the best hairdressers will be able to work to a client’s lifestyle.

The other rules said he needed to adhere to were:

  • Use a female model,
  • Cut at least 3cm off,
  • Deliver a total change of look, and
  • Only use the models hair. No hairpieces or wigs were allowed.


Stephen delivered a short hair cut that was emphasised by a pink and blonde colour work he completed a few days earlier. Very “on-trend”.


Winning this competition is a fantastic launch pad for Stephen. Apart from the cool prizes which include:

  • A $1,000 voucher from Excellent Edge, (the best hairdressing scissors around),
  • A Moroccan Oil product pack, and
  • The prized Hair Expo Trophy.

The exposure and opportunities Stephen will receive as a result of this win, will raise his profile and improve his career prospects. He got to spend half an hour on stage as part of an initiative from the Hair Expo Young Superstar, which showcases up and coming hairdressers doing “cool” work, and was invited to work backstage at the recent Astra Awards

Congratulations Stephen from everyone at Stevie English Hair! If you would like to get your hair cut from an award winning hairdresser please call our Bondi Salon on 02 9387 7791 and book in to see Stephen!

Stevie English Hair Trend: The Quiff :

Let me introduce you to the modern Quiff not to be mis-named the Quaff   That’s for enjoying a bevie or two ;) Meet the Quiff, the new hair trend being sported by many a celeb.  It’s a bit 50’s, a lot rockabilly but has a very HOT RIGHT NOW. Look at English lovely Carey Mulligan.  Her take on the Quiff is modern but also soft and a bit romantic, which is worn with a ponytail. Very on-trend.

Gwen Stefani would have to be the Queen of the Quiff wearing her platinum blonde hair with tousle and texture.

And how bout local beauty Cate Blanchett? Her quiff is elegant and high fashion. #WINNING!

With many ways of wearing the Quiff it can suit most anyone because it’s a clean style that opens up the face. It can particularly look good on people with a more rounded face as it adds height.

To get the look:

1.  Start by using  O&M Rootalicious through the roots of your hair. This will create an invisible base that will help lift the hair and support your quiff, and then douse the hair in O&M Atonic  to add body this will create the perfect combination of light weight products for hold and stability.

2.Now using the GHD gold mini styler to create curls and waves through the front of the head to create volume and texture.

3. Tease the roots slightly then run your hands through your curls which will create texture

4. Use hair pins to secure the quiff in place and finish with a spray of O&M Original Queenie  to keep any flyaway hairs in place.

The Quiff is not just for the red carpet. Wear your quiff as an alternative to more structured up-dos, say to a wedding or cocktail party or a textured relaxed Quiff would be great for weekend outings.

Where would you wear the Quiff?





England Calling Published

Here it is at last! The amazing shots that were taken backstage at #hairexpo when we were prepping for our "England Calling" Gen Next catwalk extravaganza.The show has been mentioned here in a previous post , and these photos were the talented models and dancers who rocked on stage for us. We had some of our favorite photographers shoot this collection: Chang&Cox Photography , and once again they have produced some incredible images. Byron and Hsin worked tirelessly for the entire day amongst utter chaos backstage, and the shots are a testament to their ability and professionalism. It was quite hard getting the models to the photographers whilst prepping for the show, and the whole process had to run on a pretty tight schedule, but we managed to get it done and the photos speak for themselves.The Hair Expo show was inspired by English Icons, and we had shot a collection with another photographer  another team fave the Amazing Nicole McCluskey .  This original collection was the inspiration for the "England Calling" show. In the collection seen here, we wanted the English style and flair to come through but still have a different direction and add more fun and movement. It was loads of fun to produce, and I think that is visible in the final images. I often think by the time the pictures have made it to print that you don't want to see them again, but this has not been the case with these two collections. We al love them so much and could look at them forever! #TeamEnglish





Table Tonic

We have had a great little write up in Table Tonic blog   and i have just added the questions

Table Tonic Spotlight: Stevie English Hair

I recently blogged about a new "clean" haircare discovery of mine, Original & Mineral - Naturally active, low chemical products in beautiful (and recyclable!) packaging. Here's the best bit - Original & Mineral products contain No sulphates, parabens, propylene, glycol, phthalates, triclosan, carcinogens or "cheap synthetic chemicals". I pinned super-cool (just look at that jacket!) O&M Creative Director, Stevie English down and threw the burning all-things-hair questions at him.
(above) Man of the moment, Stevie English.

Q. Is it possible to get a ‘cool’ hair colour result using natural products? Yes! We use only O&M ammonia-free hair colours in the salon, and we are able to produce incredible results without the use of peroxides, ammonia, and other nasties (our colours are often activated with water alone!). The benefits of removing harsh chemicals from hair colour are many, one of the key ones being the improvement of your hair’s condition over time, meaning your colour will actually last longer. As for getting a cool result, this largely depends on your taste and your stylist, the products are never the obstacle.

 Q. Is it safe to colour my hair when I am pregnant? Again, yes. Obviously it is better to use fewer chemicals wherever possible, so ammonia-free and PPD free colours are the best option for pregnant women. If you want to be really cautious, opt for highlights as they never go directly on the scalp and you could use whatever colour product you choose. O&M products are safe for all colours jobs during pregnancy. Hot tip: don’t wash your hair before you visit the salon, as the natural oils on your scalp will form a barrier against any product that is applied.

Q. What can I do at home to improve the condition of my hair? Beautiful, healthy hair needs to be well taken-care of, and taking care of your hair means looking after your body as well as being choosy about what you actually put on your hair. We often advise clients to take a silica supplement (available from health food stores) to strengthen hair and nails. Other foods that look after your locks are pepitas (pumpkin seeds), chia seeds and nuts, all of which contain omega 3 essential fatty acids and are mineral and vitamin rich. They are magical, natural, hair-boosting superfoods! Green vegetables (surprise!) are great for general health and full of anti-oxidants. Hair grows at a rate of about 1-2 centimeters  a month, so having a healthy body will encourage the growth of healthy new hair. And for a quick at-home treatment, rub avocado oil into the ends of your hair, wrap it in cling-film and leave for 20 minutes. Shampoo using a sulfate & paraben-free shampoo (such as O&M). 

What are the top hair trends for summer? In our salon, we have been doing a lot of gorgeous pastel shades and bold, glossy coppery red tints. We are known for our love of pink, and it is a very flattering shade for nearly everyone. Pastel ends are a simple way to update blonde colours for summer, and they fade over time so your colour evolves between salon visits! A lot of our clients take home O&M treatments that have been individually tinted, so you can maintain your pastel tone at home. The copper colours are bold and they must be shinier than glass. O&M do an amazing clear gloss semi-permanent liquid colour that conditions and locks in colour and is ammonia and PPD free- the first of its kind in the world. Balayage is obviously still going strong, and this summer we expect to see it everywhere. Darker roots and lighter ends are lower maintenance than other colour looks, but make it more individual by asking for interesting colour blends rather than the seen-everywhere black & blonde combo. We have taken the balayage a little further by dip dyeing the ends with pastel pinks, purples and even greens. SO HOT!

(above) Metallic wallpaper... Mmmmm....

Q. Speaking of green, is there a way to get rid of green swimming pool hair? Yes! The best trick is to use tomato sauce as a masque - the red counteracts the green, and it's readily available in every fridge. On the colour wheel (the same one you learn in school) every colour has a counter so if your hair is too yellow or brassy you need to use violet/purple shampoo or conditioner to take it back to a cooler blonde.

(above) O&M's perfectly packaged & recyclable products

Wasn't that great?! Are you enlightened? I am. Huge thanks to Stevie English Hair (find them at 153 Glebe Point Road, Glebe. Ph: 02-9423-7033). Click for O&M stockists or buy online at Adore Beauty or Fountain Cosmetics. PS Click here to read my review and find out why I'm officially an O&M convert!