Stephen wins Apprentice Student Cutter 2012 For Stevie English Hair

Wow! It’s been a big couple of weeks leading up to Hair Expo and a very successful event. We have a star in our midst! Luvies, have you been to our new Bondi Salon yet? If you have, you would have met Stephen Grechy, our Apprentice Student Cutter of the Year, 2012. This is the second year in a row Stephen has won this competition. How cool is that? The competition is part of Hair Expo, which is always a massive time for our salon. Having Stephen win again was so exciting.

I want all my team to be the best they can be and I will always encourage them to develop their skills in wherever their passion lies. Competitions are one way to do this. The Apprentice Student Cutting Competition is conducted live on stage so you need to be able to perform under stress.

The winner needs to pull together a whole look while demonstrating their cutting and styling ability. That’s a lot of pressure for 45 minutes of work and Stephen did really well on the day. But he also did lots and lots of practice before hand.  It’s not luck that he won this competition. He works really hard to develop his natural talent. He practices more than anyone else in the team and is the last one to leave at night and first in, in the morning.

To take out the title, Stephen needed to provide a finished “look” that was in line with “new seasonal hair fashion trends”. Providing his own model, he needed to think about make-up, clothing…the whole package! I love this because the competition recognises that hairstyles are an integral part of fashion. For our clients it’s not just about their hair. They are looking to create an overall look, and the best hairdressers will be able to work to a client’s lifestyle.

The other rules said he needed to adhere to were:

  • Use a female model,
  • Cut at least 3cm off,
  • Deliver a total change of look, and
  • Only use the models hair. No hairpieces or wigs were allowed.


Stephen delivered a short hair cut that was emphasised by a pink and blonde colour work he completed a few days earlier. Very “on-trend”.


Winning this competition is a fantastic launch pad for Stephen. Apart from the cool prizes which include:

  • A $1,000 voucher from Excellent Edge, (the best hairdressing scissors around),
  • A Moroccan Oil product pack, and
  • The prized Hair Expo Trophy.

The exposure and opportunities Stephen will receive as a result of this win, will raise his profile and improve his career prospects. He got to spend half an hour on stage as part of an initiative from the Hair Expo Young Superstar, which showcases up and coming hairdressers doing “cool” work, and was invited to work backstage at the recent Astra Awards

Congratulations Stephen from everyone at Stevie English Hair! If you would like to get your hair cut from an award winning hairdresser please call our Bondi Salon on 02 9387 7791 and book in to see Stephen!