Hair Trend at Stevie English Hair: Pastels

  As we muddle through a wet and cold Sydney winter my thoughts have been of summer in London not that they are having much of one ;)  (come on Olympics! and of course MURRY at Wimbledon)  spring-summer hair trends. One of the hot, hot, hottest trends for fashion is pastels. Think gelato hues of lemon, orange, strawberry, blueberry, apple...many of the big fashion houses presented 2012 Spring-summer collections featuring ladylike and feminine designs all in pretty pastels, which we are now been translating to hair. This is not punk coloured hair from your high school days! It's grown-up soft and sophisticated.

Pink hair has been on trend for a little while, different shades added through the crown of the head with foils, or solid "hot" pink or dip-dyed. The pastel trend is about soft, solid colour. Pretty and cool. Now we have loved the "ombre, ballaige" looks , but its time for full colours.

I love O&M and use their colours exclusively at Stevie English Hair. O&M has really become known as a natural hair care company because they work hard to reduce the harsh chemicals in their products and add lots of good things that do what they say they do.  Their ethos is about challenging the artificial norms of professional hair-care with formulations that are both effective and gentle.

At Hair Expo I was excited to work with O&M’s Creative Director Janelle Chaplin,  as well the headhonco's Alan Buki and Wayne Lewis from O&M, Joe Leszek from Simon Bright salon, Fred Rafidi from ToFred #nohomo and Brett Coubrough from Bcoloured. The purpose of the catwork show was to show case just what colours O&M is capable of and challenge the idea that O&M is just about natural colours. On stage I talked away the idea that a natural hair care company only has natural colours by showcasing models with hair the colour of the rainbow.

I feel like we really overachieved with colour!  Check out some of these shots:I coloured all the wigs with Janelle, and Fred And all models hair was coloured in our bondi store.


The Models showcased different shades and new formulations of O&M’s colour flower. Beautiful hairstyles in the catwalk show and at the O&M stand!

So how can you work this trend? Blondes can go any number of ways. Amp it up with a canary yellow wash from root to tip. The change won't be too dramatic and will be enough to tell everyone how hip you really are. Pink looks great on blondes too as it works well if your skin has pink undertones which is something we have been smashing here at Stevie English Hair . Got mid-brown locks? Why don't you rock some blueberry or perhaps a crisp green apple shade. Coming out of winter with a dark dramatic look? How about considering a watery shade of turquoise or a violet-mauve hue? All colours were created with O&M, we are challenging conventional hair colour, not only removing harsh chemicals but creating on trend cool pastels that turn heads and rock.

We would love to help you chose your pastel