New Curly Hair Experts team in the inner west , Glebe, Sydney

Curly Hair Superstar team

With a combined 85 years oh hairdressing experience, there isn't much they don't know about curly hair: so I would like to introduce our curly hair stars.  

We spend time training because we know that curly hair is an art in itself. Even with such a large amount of experience - our team always are learning new skills, and there is always a new product to help with curly hair, from our amazing partner Matrix. 

Shaun  worked in London for over 10 years at one of London's top salons. His skills are amazing with afro hair and very difficult hair all lengths. If you think you are a challenge hair wise - Shaun is your go to guy!  He is also the salon's creative specialist, so your curls will be managed and you'll look better than ever before. 

Dave hails from Scotland, he was the head educator for Vidal Sasson in London and also was one of the first educators for Toni & Guy - back in the day when he used to cut hair by candlelight. Dave has great experience with all kinds of curls. Dave understand how the silhouette of your hair works with your head shape - so he'll make even the trickiest hair curls and lengths fabulous. 

Jyle has travelled all the way from Newcastle and has been with Stevie English Hair for over 7 years. He's is a huge fan of soft curls he knows when to cut and when not to, his style is gentle and approaches every clients hair individually.

Sadie originally from England, knows all about troublesome curly, frizzy hair, as she has lived with it all her life.  Sadie's  secret is all about hydrating curls. She has knack for creating beautiful shapes with soft curls, and also is not afraid to add a big bouncy blow dry. 

What products should I use with my curls ? 

From Matrix we have a few options

Curl Please - which is a curly hair regime - A Shampoo and a Conditioner,  and then use either the contouring lotion - to boost body bounce and shine,   or the super de-frizzer - a lightweight strong hold for definition and frizz control .

From our O&M range - Style Guru  and Frizzy Logic for styling , and Seven day Miracle to help hydrate your curls,

From R&Co. Twister is a great styling product.  

Our 3 biggest tips for curly hair are:

1. Only put in curl products in when the hair is soaking wet.

2. Air dry your curls 

3. Avoid razoring curly hair.










Here at Stevie English Hair, we were lucky enough to be asked to be ambassadors of a revolutionary new product called Olaplex. Lucky because we got a chance to play with the product before it is officially available in Australia, and it comes with some pretty big promises: that you can lighten your hair without damage, or in fact improve the condition of the hair.  

WHAT THE ??!!!!!

As a professional hair colourist of 20+ years, I have never heard of a product that could deliver on that kind of promise, so naturally I was well keen to get my hands on it. Olaplex is a 3-step system that consists of Bond Multiplier, Bond Perfecter and a take home Hair Perfector. The basic premise is that the product multiplies the bonds that are broken by lifting or depositing colour on the hair, thus preventing breakage and other damage. The first product can be added to any colour, powder lightener or perm solution, the second step is applied after rinsing & the third used at home. 

Powder Lightener/bleach  has always been my best friend and my worse enemy. You can do amazing things with it, but it damages hair! So when a product claims to turn your colour world upside down, you can imagine me being extremely nervous the first time I used Olaplex!  But also so excited!  I was lightening one of my stylist’s hair- she had previously had lots of breakage and her ends were pretty well fried. Her hair was a patchwork quilt. And this would normally be put in the too hard basket unless you want an inch blonde crop.

  After reading the directions seven times, I mixed up powder lightener, bumped up the developer level (ARGHHHH), added the Olaplex and went in. I did strand tests every 5 minutes, and basically hovered behind the chair the entire time the colour was on her hair (sweating). At the basin- no breakage! After the second step was applied, the hair felt even better, it turned to silk. I could not believe her ends survived- I would never have tried to lighten them without the Olpalex’s promise.

Since that first colour, I have used Olaplex pretty much every day - my team have also been blown away by the results they can achieve without damaging the hair. The product completely delivers on its promise and I don’t know any colourist who would not be excited about a product that can do this.  There is an extra fee but its so worth it! Never have i been able to guarantee hair in this way.  

Game changer? Definitely! 



Stevie English Hair Educates @ HairExpo 2013

This year at hairExpo the Stevie English Hair Artistic Team will be educating in the the look 'n' learn Auditorium at the Exhibition centre. If you follow our Stevie Englishhair Instagram account you will see our Bond inspired art, Bond girls and Bond villains StevieStyle. We might be running a competition for someone to win a limited edition Stevie English Hair Bond print at our HairExpo seminar ;)


We believe that their are 3 main ingredients to becoming a great hairdresser.

Education, Fun and Practise. 


Stevie English Hair presents a tongue in cheek, James Bond themed Show.

Who like's gadgets? Because Q gives us the best!

Tequila... I mean Martini.

But we will  shake and  maybe stir the way you think about hair, and education.



Hair is art, and art is hair- We make both!

We are in the Look and Learn Auditorium at 11 on Monday, come check our amazing team out.

Hairexpo Prices

Are you In a Royal Rut?


As a “pommie”, it’s been wonderful to see the great excitement around Lizzie’s diamond Jubilee. It’s really been a celebration of everything English! The fan fair and ceremony, the union jacks flying proudly, the English Geezas ( not sure you can royals Geezas...) looking so smart in their regal get up and Kate and even Camilla looking elegant….





And of course Queen Lizzy dressed beautifully, always in gloves and a hat, with her bag in the crook of her arm.

Blue has always been a great colour for Liz.


One thing that struck me over the weekend was that Lizzie hasn’t changed her hair-style in years….decades… and it got me wondering how many of you are stuck in a hair-style rut? It’s easy to have the same hair-style day-in, day-out….there are lots of advantages….um..lets see…


  • It’s easy to do every day – you don’t even have to think about it
  • You know what hair products to buy…
  • Your hairdresser knows exactly what to do
  • It’s easy…oh wait I said that…hmmm…


Look if you are getting about with hair from the 80’s or 90’s  it’s time for a change. I also believe that if you look back 5 years and your hair and makeup is the same, its time for a change. The Queen might be able to get away with it because, well, she’s the Queen, and she gets to wear a crown, and well she is on money so she can't change her hair like lady Gaga. Most of us benefit from mixing it up from time to time. Here are some good reasons why…


  • A change will make you feel great! Nothing better than a new do to spice up your life.
  • Chances are your current hair-style may not suit you any more. We all change over time (body shape, colouring and lifestyle) and sometimes the hair-style that suited you, say in your 20’s, is just not going to cut it in your 40’s, 50’s and beyond!
  • Fashion changes - You know it. Hair styles and fashion go hand-in-hand. Time to get current. Rather than waiting to be cool again!
  • There are so many options now. Short, mid length or long, and the variety of colours are astounding and easy to achieve and maintain!
  • As the weather closes in and you are stuck indoors more you can go for a more styled and polished look as it won’t get wrecked by heat and humidity.


So how do you work out how to change your hair-style? There’s a few ways I like to suggest.

1. Check out your favourite celebrities. They get access to the best hairdressers and stylists and are often wearing the latest styles and colours.

2. Check out your friends and work colleagues what do you admire about their hair? Could that work for you?

3.  Think about your lifestyle. How much time and energy are you willing to invest in your “do” each day? How often do you want to visit the hairdresser's to keep it looking fresh?

4. Lastly my favourite tip, come in and see us at Stevie English Hair. We LOVE doing makeovers. If you would like a change, massive or subtle come see the clever teams either in Glebe 94237033 or Bondi 93877791.

This weekend is hair expo So the teams area out watching, educating, competing and for good measure a little partying everything hair.





NANOMAX Botox For Hair "Future of Haircare"

Here at Stevie English Hair we not only try to bring you up to date fashions and trends, we try to bring you the cutting edge technology in hair. Nanomax is a new treatment that fills Nano-particles into the hair , thus improving the condition. It uses a machine and brush to push a fine mist into the hair- the" future of haircare" is here in Glebe, Sydney. If you imagine a grain of sand and drilled a tiny hole through the middle you could get 2,000,000 of the nanomolecules in. Filling up small holes through everyday life and stress caused from everything from brushing, surfing and colouring your hair. We recommend a course of three to five  treatments. This can bring back really trashed hair back from the brink. Ask your Stevie English Stylist for some info.