NANOMAX Botox For Hair "Future of Haircare"

Here at Stevie English Hair we not only try to bring you up to date fashions and trends, we try to bring you the cutting edge technology in hair. Nanomax is a new treatment that fills Nano-particles into the hair , thus improving the condition. It uses a machine and brush to push a fine mist into the hair- the" future of haircare" is here in Glebe, Sydney. If you imagine a grain of sand and drilled a tiny hole through the middle you could get 2,000,000 of the nanomolecules in. Filling up small holes through everyday life and stress caused from everything from brushing, surfing and colouring your hair. We recommend a course of three to five  treatments. This can bring back really trashed hair back from the brink. Ask your Stevie English Stylist for some info.