Are you In a Royal Rut?


As a “pommie”, it’s been wonderful to see the great excitement around Lizzie’s diamond Jubilee. It’s really been a celebration of everything English! The fan fair and ceremony, the union jacks flying proudly, the English Geezas ( not sure you can royals Geezas...) looking so smart in their regal get up and Kate and even Camilla looking elegant….





And of course Queen Lizzy dressed beautifully, always in gloves and a hat, with her bag in the crook of her arm.

Blue has always been a great colour for Liz.


One thing that struck me over the weekend was that Lizzie hasn’t changed her hair-style in years….decades… and it got me wondering how many of you are stuck in a hair-style rut? It’s easy to have the same hair-style day-in, day-out….there are lots of advantages….um..lets see…


  • It’s easy to do every day – you don’t even have to think about it
  • You know what hair products to buy…
  • Your hairdresser knows exactly what to do
  • It’s easy…oh wait I said that…hmmm…


Look if you are getting about with hair from the 80’s or 90’s  it’s time for a change. I also believe that if you look back 5 years and your hair and makeup is the same, its time for a change. The Queen might be able to get away with it because, well, she’s the Queen, and she gets to wear a crown, and well she is on money so she can't change her hair like lady Gaga. Most of us benefit from mixing it up from time to time. Here are some good reasons why…


  • A change will make you feel great! Nothing better than a new do to spice up your life.
  • Chances are your current hair-style may not suit you any more. We all change over time (body shape, colouring and lifestyle) and sometimes the hair-style that suited you, say in your 20’s, is just not going to cut it in your 40’s, 50’s and beyond!
  • Fashion changes - You know it. Hair styles and fashion go hand-in-hand. Time to get current. Rather than waiting to be cool again!
  • There are so many options now. Short, mid length or long, and the variety of colours are astounding and easy to achieve and maintain!
  • As the weather closes in and you are stuck indoors more you can go for a more styled and polished look as it won’t get wrecked by heat and humidity.


So how do you work out how to change your hair-style? There’s a few ways I like to suggest.

1. Check out your favourite celebrities. They get access to the best hairdressers and stylists and are often wearing the latest styles and colours.

2. Check out your friends and work colleagues what do you admire about their hair? Could that work for you?

3.  Think about your lifestyle. How much time and energy are you willing to invest in your “do” each day? How often do you want to visit the hairdresser's to keep it looking fresh?

4. Lastly my favourite tip, come in and see us at Stevie English Hair. We LOVE doing makeovers. If you would like a change, massive or subtle come see the clever teams either in Glebe 94237033 or Bondi 93877791.

This weekend is hair expo So the teams area out watching, educating, competing and for good measure a little partying everything hair.