Trend Alert: Creative Undercuts

The Undercut is a term used for the shaven areas of a hairstyle. Whether it is at the nape of the neck or on the sides, it can be a fun way to add dimension and an element of surprise to your everyday style.

We believe that with changing trends more people are willing to be adventurous with their precious locks, and while the undercut can be a bit daring at times, it can also be used as a tool to help lighten the load for thick haired people.
As for the creative stuff, we love making the regular undercut more exciting - adding shapes, layers and sometimes colour. If this tickles your fancy, our cutting experts at Stevie English will be able to come up with something unique for you and your style!
Hair by Shaun in our Bondi salon  

Hair by Shaun in our Bondi salon  


Snapchat and Pokemon Go at Stevie English Hair

So if you are around one of our salons today you can get our filter on snap chat - Happy snapping, and if you are on Pokemon Go user our Bondi salon is a pokestop! I might have set up a lure so why not grab a Pokemon and some #matrix shampoo while you are at it! What a wonderful world we live in.  If you want to follow the salon antics on Snap search Stevie English Hair or @englishhair and to follow the Guv @stevieenglish  (WARNING) You might get more than just hair stuff.

Our snap filter  

Our snap filter  



Our mural is a pokestop  

Our mural is a pokestop  


One of our core ideals at Stevie English Hair - Is to have as much fun as possible and to be happy.


It definitely is my goal, I love my job and I get to work with so many creative people. This year I’ve been across the Globe for Matrix educating and playing at colouring hair. And here in Australia I have spent my time educating, hanging in my salons with my cool staff and working on The Voice as Hair Ambassador for Matrix and we are only half-way through the year! 


We believe that being happy is a great thing, and part of that feeling, is feeling good about yourself - and obviously we think a great hair can help.


I was reading an article the other day that was about the two things that go along with happiness; expectation and surprise. We like to think there’s some fun expectation of your booked appointment for Stevie English hair and the surprise - Well we don’t ever want to surprise any client. But we do like to help and assist with the look you want to achieve - I know our team (teamEnglish) have so much skill and creative genius that can help to add and suggest ways to make your look even more you!  So we hope that you have a style thats even better than you imagined - and thats always a happy surprise!


We like to think that when we are all happy we feel good about ourselves - so thats why this Saturday we would do something fun.  Just because ... 


You’ll be able to snap your new snip from stevie english hair on snapchat whilst in the salon - and add our exclusive filter to your image - its just for the day - its a first for a Hairsalon and we hope you’ll have fun adding your happiness surprise and perhaps a little expectation to it as well!

Happy hair right there! Happy hairdressers too! So tomorrow in our salons play on snapchat and use our exclusive filter. 

This beautiful hair makes me happy . Hair by Leah in our Glebe salon using matrix 

This beautiful hair makes me happy . Hair by Leah in our Glebe salon using matrix 

Snip and snap and Stevie English Hair  

Colouring hair the safe way for our staff in Glebe and Bondi junction

Hair colour can be smelly and can have fumes . We at Stevie English Hair use a speicial mixer to negate harsh fumes for our staff. It's called the ping. We do all we can to help the environment and to help our staff. We love the Ping from Ecoheads 

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These little babies mix up our colour give us perfect consistency.  

The ping  

The ping  


4 ways Stevie English will keep your hair IN ...


We use Matrix, and along with Biolage we will keep your hair in great condition.  Our shampoos, conditioners and treatments will keep your hair IN a great state


We have expert talent  that cut hair not corners. Our education program is second to none and one of the  pillars of our success. We will keep your hair IN great shape.


We live to colour hair, and Matrix colour is phenomenal so we can customise  any colour to the needs of our clients. And with the genius of our colour director, Stevie, who not only trains our team but is in demand world wide,  we are sure to keep your hair looking IN fine form. 


Matrix styling is a class above and with Style link we have an added creative partner to create  anything any time for you. Our team are dedicated to our salon perfection staying with you , and will recommend ways  that your hair will be IN style when away from us.

This is an Inn. 

This is an Inn. 

Hair expo 2016

Hair Expo 2016

Over the weekend we had the greatest pleasure in watching our lovely Louise up on stage for Hair Expo 2016 in Melbourne. She was one of four finalists for Apprentice of the Year across both Australia and New Zealand.

On stage she showed off her amazing hairdressing skills and spoke of her creative concepts. We are so proud of her and excited to see the incredible work she has in store for the future.

Stevie was there with Matrix, Evy Professional and Excellent Edges to show of some of the best industry tools, which we are fortunate enough to use in our salons.

Lousie on main stage with the crowd loving her hair and her fashion sense. 

Lousie on main stage with the crowd loving her hair and her fashion sense. 

The next generation of Stevie English Hairdressers in Glebe

We have our super apprentice Louise Williamson up for apprentice of the year this year at the Hair Expo Awards. She is one of 4, giving her a 25% chance of winning. Louise already works on The Voice, Xfactor and was chosen by Matrix as a Hot Team member, meaning she is one of the young generation stylists to watch. Louise works in our Glebe salon, she is colouring on the floor and cutting men's hair.  We wish you luck this weekend Lou xx

One of her finalist images  

One of her finalist images  

Watch Lou recreate this on the main stage at hair expo on Monday!  

Another of Louise finalist images  

Another of Louise finalist images  

Balayage experts in Sydney


Meaning ‘to sweep’ in french, the balayage colouring technique has become one of the most popular salon services around the world. Originating in the 60s and 70s in Europe, it has made its way to popular culture through A List celebs and celebrity stylists.  It has been around for a while and it is no longer a 'trend'- it's a staple salon colour technique. 

 The balayage technique requires high skill, training and a lot of focus and expertise. Stevie travels around the globe and is in the middle of an Australian tour teaching other hairdressers how to balayage. All Stevie English colourists and colour technicians are proficient in the technique and do a similar style of balayage.   It looks well put together, no matter if your hair is straight, curly or tied up in a bun. It is the best low maintenance colour, requiring touch ups only every 6 - 10 weeks.

Although only recently made popular, the style itself is timeless and is reminiscent of classic, youthful beauty. Centred around the technique of painting highlights on to the hair in a free form, “sweeping” motion, the balayage effect should reveal a natural and sun-kissed, “your hair, but better” look. Of course you can make it with bright, bold colours too!

Customisable to your style, your aesthetic and your hair preferences

Every balayage is tailor-made and personalised for every client. No two heads are the same. As you would for make-up contouring, the soft highlights and/or lowlights are designed to accentuate certain areas. Different levels of lift can be used to visually manipulate the hair, making it look longer, shorter, thicker and/or multi dimensional. Have fun with it!


Balayage goes beyond just natural colours as well. More and more people are moving towards creative colours such as greys, purples, blues and pinks. Remember, trust the process and understand that not all colour goals are achieveable on the first attempt. Colour, especially colour correction and big changes, takes time. Look after your hair, use treatments and enjoy the results on healthy hair!

Effortlessly low maintenance yet sophisticated and on trend. 



Are you In a Royal Rut?


As a “pommie”, it’s been wonderful to see the great excitement around Lizzie’s diamond Jubilee. It’s really been a celebration of everything English! The fan fair and ceremony, the union jacks flying proudly, the English Geezas ( not sure you can royals Geezas...) looking so smart in their regal get up and Kate and even Camilla looking elegant….





And of course Queen Lizzy dressed beautifully, always in gloves and a hat, with her bag in the crook of her arm.

Blue has always been a great colour for Liz.


One thing that struck me over the weekend was that Lizzie hasn’t changed her hair-style in years….decades… and it got me wondering how many of you are stuck in a hair-style rut? It’s easy to have the same hair-style day-in, day-out….there are lots of advantages….um..lets see…


  • It’s easy to do every day – you don’t even have to think about it
  • You know what hair products to buy…
  • Your hairdresser knows exactly what to do
  • It’s easy…oh wait I said that…hmmm…


Look if you are getting about with hair from the 80’s or 90’s  it’s time for a change. I also believe that if you look back 5 years and your hair and makeup is the same, its time for a change. The Queen might be able to get away with it because, well, she’s the Queen, and she gets to wear a crown, and well she is on money so she can't change her hair like lady Gaga. Most of us benefit from mixing it up from time to time. Here are some good reasons why…


  • A change will make you feel great! Nothing better than a new do to spice up your life.
  • Chances are your current hair-style may not suit you any more. We all change over time (body shape, colouring and lifestyle) and sometimes the hair-style that suited you, say in your 20’s, is just not going to cut it in your 40’s, 50’s and beyond!
  • Fashion changes - You know it. Hair styles and fashion go hand-in-hand. Time to get current. Rather than waiting to be cool again!
  • There are so many options now. Short, mid length or long, and the variety of colours are astounding and easy to achieve and maintain!
  • As the weather closes in and you are stuck indoors more you can go for a more styled and polished look as it won’t get wrecked by heat and humidity.


So how do you work out how to change your hair-style? There’s a few ways I like to suggest.

1. Check out your favourite celebrities. They get access to the best hairdressers and stylists and are often wearing the latest styles and colours.

2. Check out your friends and work colleagues what do you admire about their hair? Could that work for you?

3.  Think about your lifestyle. How much time and energy are you willing to invest in your “do” each day? How often do you want to visit the hairdresser's to keep it looking fresh?

4. Lastly my favourite tip, come in and see us at Stevie English Hair. We LOVE doing makeovers. If you would like a change, massive or subtle come see the clever teams either in Glebe 94237033 or Bondi 93877791.

This weekend is hair expo So the teams area out watching, educating, competing and for good measure a little partying everything hair.