Balayage experts in Sydney


Meaning ‘to sweep’ in french, the balayage colouring technique has become one of the most popular salon services around the world. Originating in the 60s and 70s in Europe, it has made its way to popular culture through A List celebs and celebrity stylists.  It has been around for a while and it is no longer a 'trend'- it's a staple salon colour technique. 

 The balayage technique requires high skill, training and a lot of focus and expertise. Stevie travels around the globe and is in the middle of an Australian tour teaching other hairdressers how to balayage. All Stevie English colourists and colour technicians are proficient in the technique and do a similar style of balayage.   It looks well put together, no matter if your hair is straight, curly or tied up in a bun. It is the best low maintenance colour, requiring touch ups only every 6 - 10 weeks.

Although only recently made popular, the style itself is timeless and is reminiscent of classic, youthful beauty. Centred around the technique of painting highlights on to the hair in a free form, “sweeping” motion, the balayage effect should reveal a natural and sun-kissed, “your hair, but better” look. Of course you can make it with bright, bold colours too!

Customisable to your style, your aesthetic and your hair preferences

Every balayage is tailor-made and personalised for every client. No two heads are the same. As you would for make-up contouring, the soft highlights and/or lowlights are designed to accentuate certain areas. Different levels of lift can be used to visually manipulate the hair, making it look longer, shorter, thicker and/or multi dimensional. Have fun with it!


Balayage goes beyond just natural colours as well. More and more people are moving towards creative colours such as greys, purples, blues and pinks. Remember, trust the process and understand that not all colour goals are achieveable on the first attempt. Colour, especially colour correction and big changes, takes time. Look after your hair, use treatments and enjoy the results on healthy hair!

Effortlessly low maintenance yet sophisticated and on trend.