A Royal Celebration


We are about all things English and Royal at Stevie English Hair. Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne for 60 years? She celebrates her Diamond Jubilee this weekend in London and what a party it will be be! I'm almost sorry I'm not in England, the flags flying. Now I love Australia but what a great sight it will be.

At 86 years of age she has witnessed amazing social change and world events during her reign. She has achieved this with dignity and composure, with a cool set and an array of great hats.




The Royal family has been a source of fashion and style inspiration over the years, however it’s not been since Princess Diana have we seen someone reinvigorate Royal style as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge or ‘Kate’ has done.

Kate somehow manages to fuse Royal conservative elegance and modern fashion-forward sophistication that is copied and commented on all around the world. She always appears immaculately dressed with her tresses well cared for. I love that Kate’s hair styles are natural and attainable.

Kate knows what suits her, while keeping her look current. Starting with mid-length glossy brown colour her go-to look is down, framing her face with big natural curls which give body and shine. I reckon she has had an Original&mineral CCT™ clear gloss ;)

To create Kate's look we would put Rootalicious  through the roots and then douse ends in Atonic for foundation. This will help create a big and bouncy blow-dry look which will work from day through till night! And of course a little magic from #TeamEnglish . I would finish the look with some frizzy logic and a little spray of Original Queenie for good measure. Now that might seem like a lot of product. but products are the corner stone of great styles, and a great hairdresser should help recommend products to help you recreate your style at home.



I’m sure that Kate will continue to impress with her fashion style during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Would you like to emulate Kate’s glossy locks? Would you like lovely shiny hair like Kate?

In celebration for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and all things English I’d like to invite you to indulge in one of our Royal Treatments at our Glebe or Bondi Salon. To get a clear gloss valued at $50 all you have to do is come in and have another service, blow-dry or haircut.  Please call Glebe 0294237033 or Bondi 02 93877791 


I'm a royalist and I want to send a warm congrats to Lizzy,"Good on ya as they say in Oz.  You are one top Sheila."