Hot trends in Glebe and Bondi for Hair

There’s a chill in the air, what about your hair?We are heading into duvet weather down-under (that’s doona to you Aussie’s). The sun is rising later and the water temp is dropping lower for my morning surf. Time to get out my steamer! The leaves on the trees outside our Glebe salon are turning orange and there are more coats and scarfs on people wandering past our new Bondi store. I have noticed many of my clients wanting to change their hair for winter. It’s a great opportunity to go a bit darker and look a bit sleeker or perhaps get a dramatic new cut. If you are looking for a change here’s a few ideas for the coming season: Bangs or as we say in England/English Fringes are back baby! Yes the fringe is back with a vengence. A little more high maintenance, as regular trims are a must to keep it looking good,  at Stevie English hair we give you 2 free Fringe trims between haircuts! This look is grown up and dramatic, particularly when teamed with glossy colour the darker hair does shine more and perhaps a Lob (a longish bob) as seen on Rose Byrne. I love clear glosses to add extra shine.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Rock the Pony We have a bit of a Glam/punk asthetic going on at Stevie English Hair and the ponytail is a great fit, and of course we love Kate Winslett . For you lovelies with longer locks a high ponytail works great with a bulky warm scarf around you neck to frame your face.  And it’s easy to do and suits everyone. A bit of Original Queenie to keep your fly-aways in check, if you have fine hair, or some Frizzy Logic for curly-heads to add some gloss, and you are out the door!

Colour me up Winter is a great time to go a bit deeper and dramatic or stand out with a bright Dip-dye. Even light haired lasses like Gwyneth, can pull off a Dip-Dye/Balaige  and keep it looking fresh. I prefer the brighter looks #TeamEnglish















Off with the pixies Sometimes a change of season begs for a new cut, and the pixie is as hot as it gets, as the chill sets in. It’s a brave step but the result can be life changing.  English lovelies Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan and Sienna Millar are rockin’ this look can i hear #TeamEnglish I watched Jimmy at the Bondi store chop 2 girls hair off in pixie fashion.
































Treat it well good (The secret to hair) If you love summer as much as I do and spend every spare second at the beach or in the pool, your crowning glory might be feeling and looking a little parched. Now is the time to invest in some deep protein and  moisture treatments and get your locks back into tip-top condition. I recommend Seven Day Miracle for moisture they can re-energise any curl and The Power base for the Big blondes from O&M or come into the salon, relax with a cuppa or a wine and enjoy a “To the Manor Born” style super moisturising treatments. I can do anything with hair as long as the quality is there. Treat your hair. Cheers Stevie