The Voice or Maybe the Hair

You may have noticed a new talent show started this week on Channel 9, The Voice . It has a few stars on it. There’s Seal, who up until recently was Mr Heidi Klum. There’s Country Music star Keith Urban who is married to your Nic. Good Charlotte front-man Joel Madden, famously keeping house with Nicole Ritchie and their two adorable kids and i have to say my fave have on the show, and Delta Goodrem, multi-platinum chart-topper singer-songwriter pop sensation and she was on neighbours! I don’t think you could fit any more stars in that line-up if you tried. We have also seen some awesome and inspirational singing talent, and it’s only the first week! But for me the biggest star is Delta Goodrem’s mane of waist length curled locks. They are feminine and Bo-ho yet current and polished. For anyone lusting after long luscious tresses I imagine it would have been torture tuning into The Voice this week.

If you have long hair, does it sing like Delta’s? Longer hair takes a little more care, but the results can make you a star!

Here’s my top 3 suggestions to get your mane in tip-top condition:

1. Start with a masque. The Power Base  from O&M, used twice a week repairs and restores and smells oh-so-good. Its a must for blondes. A protein treatment such as this will keep your hair shiny and easy to style. 2. Trim it up. Just a centimetre off the ends will tidy it up and keep you looking polished. 3. To get great tousled hair like Delta you need a serious light weight foundation product like Atonic from O&M now you can use loads of this product! Its brilliant. Not heavy and perfect for Almost any style. Finish off with O&M Original Queenie  to hold style

We love Deltas hair at Stevie English Hair none more than Stephen in the Bondi Junction salon and Joel in Glebe legends of the blow-dry . #TeamEnglish