New Curly Hair Experts team in the inner west , Glebe, Sydney

Curly Hair Superstar team

With a combined 85 years oh hairdressing experience, there isn't much they don't know about curly hair: so I would like to introduce our curly hair stars.  

We spend time training because we know that curly hair is an art in itself. Even with such a large amount of experience - our team always are learning new skills, and there is always a new product to help with curly hair, from our amazing partner Matrix. 

Shaun  worked in London for over 10 years at one of London's top salons. His skills are amazing with afro hair and very difficult hair all lengths. If you think you are a challenge hair wise - Shaun is your go to guy!  He is also the salon's creative specialist, so your curls will be managed and you'll look better than ever before. 

Dave hails from Scotland, he was the head educator for Vidal Sasson in London and also was one of the first educators for Toni & Guy - back in the day when he used to cut hair by candlelight. Dave has great experience with all kinds of curls. Dave understand how the silhouette of your hair works with your head shape - so he'll make even the trickiest hair curls and lengths fabulous. 

Jyle has travelled all the way from Newcastle and has been with Stevie English Hair for over 7 years. He's is a huge fan of soft curls he knows when to cut and when not to, his style is gentle and approaches every clients hair individually.

Sadie originally from England, knows all about troublesome curly, frizzy hair, as she has lived with it all her life.  Sadie's  secret is all about hydrating curls. She has knack for creating beautiful shapes with soft curls, and also is not afraid to add a big bouncy blow dry. 

What products should I use with my curls ? 

From Matrix we have a few options

Curl Please - which is a curly hair regime - A Shampoo and a Conditioner,  and then use either the contouring lotion - to boost body bounce and shine,   or the super de-frizzer - a lightweight strong hold for definition and frizz control .

From our O&M range - Style Guru  and Frizzy Logic for styling , and Seven day Miracle to help hydrate your curls,

From R&Co. Twister is a great styling product.  

Our 3 biggest tips for curly hair are:

1. Only put in curl products in when the hair is soaking wet.

2. Air dry your curls 

3. Avoid razoring curly hair.










Shaun McGrath has made finalist for Australian Avant Garde Hairdresser again, this is the second year running our creative specialist has made this prestigious honour. We wish him and the other guys who are nominated good luck. 

Check out his pics here ...  

Christmas Hair in Glebe

Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas is coming up sooner than you may think. We are about 10 weeks away and as we all know, it marks the end of the year but that's 2 more appointments MAX. What kind of statement do you want to make this year? Whether you are looking for something new for Summer, or maintaining your classic style, we have your back. We are currently booking up appointments so we recommend calling up soon to lock in your look for the festive season.


Colouring hair the safe way for our staff in Glebe and Bondi junction

Hair colour can be smelly and can have fumes . We at Stevie English Hair use a speicial mixer to negate harsh fumes for our staff. It's called the ping. We do all we can to help the environment and to help our staff. We love the Ping from Ecoheads 

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These little babies mix up our colour give us perfect consistency.  

The ping  

The ping  


4 ways Stevie English will keep your hair IN ...


We use Matrix, and along with Biolage we will keep your hair in great condition.  Our shampoos, conditioners and treatments will keep your hair IN a great state


We have expert talent  that cut hair not corners. Our education program is second to none and one of the  pillars of our success. We will keep your hair IN great shape.


We live to colour hair, and Matrix colour is phenomenal so we can customise  any colour to the needs of our clients. And with the genius of our colour director, Stevie, who not only trains our team but is in demand world wide,  we are sure to keep your hair looking IN fine form. 


Matrix styling is a class above and with Style link we have an added creative partner to create  anything any time for you. Our team are dedicated to our salon perfection staying with you , and will recommend ways  that your hair will be IN style when away from us.

This is an Inn. 

This is an Inn. 

The next generation of Stevie English Hairdressers in Glebe

We have our super apprentice Louise Williamson up for apprentice of the year this year at the Hair Expo Awards. She is one of 4, giving her a 25% chance of winning. Louise already works on The Voice, Xfactor and was chosen by Matrix as a Hot Team member, meaning she is one of the young generation stylists to watch. Louise works in our Glebe salon, she is colouring on the floor and cutting men's hair.  We wish you luck this weekend Lou xx

One of her finalist images  

One of her finalist images  

Watch Lou recreate this on the main stage at hair expo on Monday!  

Another of Louise finalist images  

Another of Louise finalist images  

Best Hairdressers in Glebe, Best Apprentice in Australia!

Last weekend was Hair Expo, the biggest hairdressing event in the southern hemisphere. The Stevie English Team participated in many elements of the Expo, including the very prestigious Apprentice Competition. This contest is no easy task, the young stylists are up on stage with their model and they are given 45 mins to finish a haircut in front of  a packed auditorium. It's hard enough to do a haircut in 45 mins, let alone with the added pressure of being watched by all of your colleagues, peers and friends. To top it off, some of the best hairdressers in Australian scrutinise your worked and pass judgement on it!

This year we had two of our young superstars entering the Apprentice Comp- Joel Phillips and Stephen Grech. Joel was recently awarded Judges Recognition for his incredible photographic collection for Hair Expo, and both he and Stephen are prized salon assets. The fantastic news- Stephen was judged the winner on the day! His award is a credit to all his hard work and natural talent. We are all super proud of both our boys.

Stevie English Hair is proud of our team, we are proud of our culture too. We love hairdressing and we love to share our knowledge. We have a really strong team, who enjoy each others company and who enjoy sharing our talents and skills. We put a lot of emphasis on training. Our assistants are tomorrows superstars, and some of our young guys are really starting to shine. Georgie Won this award 2 years ago, and so for Stephen to win it this year was great and sets the standard for the students  coming though are academy . There is a slight bias but  the winner was going to be either Stephen or Joel, both haircuts were  both technically good. Jade is the head trainer in the salon with Kirsty and Verity helping out to

show slightly different approaches to cutting and Stevie runs all the colour education.

Here are two shots we took of Stephen's winning haircut back stage prepping for our #GenNext show.

Great colour, (someone has taught him well)and great haircut.  Not bad for someone who has only just started the third year of his apprenticeship. We are really proud of Stephen and Joel, not only for winning and getting attention but for trying so damn hard. They have great careers ahead of them and we can't wait to watch.

Hairdressing Salon Training In Glebe At Its Best

To have the best salon in Glebe, voted by the city of Sydney two years running is amazing, but we love our hair skills to do all the talking. But how do we stay sharp? We hire  one of the best in business to come in and train our staff in our upstairs Academy.  Tracey Hughes who owns  and established mieka hairdressing is Melbourne. Tracey is one of the great educators in Australia, she is one of the Artistic directors for redkin and spends her life traveling around Australia and the globe. Tracey has just come back from NY fashion week.  Its great to inspire our team with 1 on 1 training and Tracey's approach to hair is enthusiastic.  What with her fashion talk from NY, catwalk styles, future predictions of trending hair styles and colours. Hair coming out of Stevie English will be current and fun. Thanks Tracey.

The Best Salon In Sydney Two Years Running!

We have done it again! The hangovers have subsided and we have another trophy on the mantle piece. We are always thrilled to be nominated or to win awards for our hairstyles but I think hairdressers often forget the business side of our industry, we are the left-brain creative types. So for us to win a business award for the second year running is a big deal. It shows that it is possible to be creative and to understand my business. It's a team effort, The creative team make our business successful, and the business team make sure we don't go bankrupt!

We have lots of great friends who help us, none more than the team who own Atlantis Hair . They were also nominated in this award category, and I dedicated the win to them. They taught us so much about starting up and being successful, as did our friends at Chumba Hair. And some other great friends who i would be nothing without. We are very proud of ourselves, and forever grateful to our fantastic team and our super amazing clients. Thanks for voting everyone, and thanks for the support. We love you all!

Go #TeamEnglish

Hair Biz, Stevie English And A Geezer.

It has been so cool to  watch our shop grow from 2 employees to 14, and to have this great vibe whilst working, but the cream on top is getting  industry recognition. We are so lucky to work with and educate for top product companies like Bio-Ionic, who give us our great straightening products Kera-Smooth and ReTex as well as the amazing OnePass irons and dryer.  O&M is the best colour company on the planet and I get to talk all the time about ammonia free hair colour and its joys ,and  Simplesalon, which is just the best and simplest salon software on the market. Everything in the salon is a team effort #TeamEnglish, and all the staff work really hard on looking after every client, as well as education as well as looking after me. They put up with the crazy schemes and silly jackets! ;) ps thanks to Hairbiz

Cool Hair in Glebe

Add an ImageVerity has just finished a crazy few weeks of editorial, here is a few shots of her work published in a UK online mag. Verity is off over sea's for 6 weeks  to shoot in LA, New York,  Stockholm, London and Paris there is no stopping this girl. Watch this space for shots ;)

Verity last day in the salon is 20th of July she is working a few Sundays to fit her loyal clients in.

Superstar Apprentices at Hair Expo 2010

This past long weekend, Hair Expo was held in Sydney. Hair Expo is the biggest hairdressing event in the Southern Hemisphere, so to say it is a big deal is a bit of an understatement. Four of our apprentices: Raquel, Stephen, Jake and Naomi, competed in the Apprentice Cutting Competition onstage. ONSTAGE. This means that they planned their haircuts and had been practising for about 6 weeks, and on the day they arrived at 8.30am for the 10am start of the competition. This year there were 25 competitors from salon all over Australia, and the whole of the Stevie English team were in the audience to cheer on our future superstars!

Needless to say they all did us very proud. The haircuts were spectacular, the styling perfect and our youngest team members were absolutely brilliant onstage. Nerves, scissors, blowdryers and a very big day for the Stevie English apprentices. Well done guys!

Preening for the Pontiff

World Youth Day is happening , and I have never seen so many smiling teenagers. Beware of road closures and rosaries. Parking in Glebe will be unaffected, but check out alternate travel routes as Cleveland Street will be closed this weekend.Stevie English Hair is having a small facelift, actually it's more like a non-surgical cosmetic procedure. You may have noticed that the upper level of our building is a little unsightly and we are making it pretty. Its amazing what a new colour can do!

Style makeover

Glebe point rd is getting a style makeover, and part of that seems to be digging a moat around the Stevie English castle, unfortunately it will only be there for a short while, so no point getting crocodiles and drawbridge fitted. Its going to look great when its finished,-glebe point rd, not my moat.