New Years Resolution? Be Good to Your Hair!


Rush, rush, rush, rush...

Busy, busy, busy, busy...

Stress, stress, stress, stress....

Eat, eat, eat, eat....

Merry, merry, merry, merry...

Ah.....phew! Holidays. Sigh.

There is a reason Christmas is called the silly season. So many people to see, parties to go to, presents to buy, food to eat and tequila to drink. Oh wait. The tequila bit is me!

Anyway, I reckon that by the time we get to the wonderful summer holiday between Christmas and New Year and beyond we are all a bit frazzled. Including our hair! So to start off 2013 on the right follicle (hairdresser joke), here are 3 ways to rescue your hair so you look great in 2013.

1. Go Natural

When you are tired and want something natural that works, coconut oil is for you. It's summery and smells great. Evenly distribute about a teaspoon through your hair if it's short, or a tablespoon if longer. Use your hands to warm the oil and spread the most through the tips of your hair where it's driest. Use a Tangle Teaser to comb the oil through evenly. I prefer the "cool Britannia" design myself. We sell them in all sorts of designs if you need one! Great for getting the tangles out of wet hair from the beach or pool!

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler - Cool Britannia

You could drink the water from the coconut (hydrate) use the flesh in a blender with 1 avocado flesh mix together really well - mix to a paste add this to washed hair. Either cover your hair with a shower cap or warm towel, or if it's hot and humid just twist it up into a bun. After an hour or so rinse and shampoo and condition with a gentle and moisturising product like O&M's Hydrate & Conquer


2. Go Intense

3. Go SalonHolidays are really for fun in the sun. I love that about Australia. The beach, the pool....I swim or surf everyday and I'm sure many of you will too, and your hair will not be thanking you for it! Salt water and Chlorine can play havoc with your hair. Dry, brittle, not smelling great? What about your scalp? Full of sea and sand? Now i do love this, but its not great for entertaining, so first shampoo with the minty smelling Original Detox.  It won't do anything for your poor alcohol addled body, but it will do great things for your hair, removing chlorine, sand and salt. Ahh....the Australian river Mint oil in this product will also sooth any sunburn on your scalp or body. Follow up with Seven Day Miracle, a leave in intensive treatment. If things are really bad you could leave this treatment in overnight and rinse out in the morning!

If your "in-home" treatments are just not cutting it, you better come and see us in Glebe or Bondi. If you hair is in dire straits we can help with a good trim, some glossy colour and perhaps a treatment fit for a Royal? Our most intensive is the "Regal". A course of treatments over 7-10 days will have you looking great after your holidays and ready for the rest of the year!