New Year, New Hair?

A new year has so much potential, don't you think? It's new and shiny and full of promise and resolutions. If last year wasn't so great you can put it aside, forget it, and move on.  If you had a great 2012 well you have a great base to build from. The new year is a time of reflection and navel gazing and a way to reinvent yourself. It's time to look forward.

A great way to start the new year is by changing up your hair. Here are some great examples from our amazing clients to get you inspired!

New Colour?

A new colour can completely change the look and feel of your hair. Check out this amazing colour change. Beach babe blonde to pretty brunette. Gorgeous!

Or what about something, well...a little less natural but no less fab! Some bright colour for summer could be just what you need after the crazy Christmas season.

New cut?

Sydney's summer is hot and humid. Maybe it's time to trim your hair up a little shorter? It will be easier to look after in the hot weather and you will feel like a new you. How fresh and current do these bob's look?

Crop it short?

How great would this feel for summer? And so easy to look after. This summery cut and colour is just what is required on a hot, humid day!

What about the boys?

Neat and trim is what it's all about here. Suave even!

We love doing new things and changing up our clients hair. If you need a new do, come in and see us!

Stevie xx