Betty's Back In Glebe

Now im the boss, at Stevie English Hair and i get congratulated by people even when i had nothing to do with there hair,I get emails and phone calls telling me how wonderful i am and there hair has never been better.I mention that i did not do there hair and the answer back is  "yes but you hired your lovely staff" Genius why didnt i have a shop before. I'm going to copy and paste straight from Quelle blog, now miss Quelle is a very talented young makeup artist in thec salon, she loves evewrything fashion and hair. Great for Stevie English Hair.

"If there's one era I love for feminine chic, it's the late 40's early 50's. So you can imagine my excitement upon viewing the Dior Spring/Summer 2011. Revamping the pin-up girl look, models were sent down the wharf themed runway with signature red pouts teamed with electric hues on the eye. And the hair? Timeless Marcel waves worn with a fringe that Betty Page herself could envy. It seems like blondes and brunettes will both be on trend this Summer, so whatever your preference ladies, your stylist is sure to keep you fashionable. One thing's for certain though, I need to get myself one of those adorable sailor hats!" from Quelles blog

Now you see how clever iam for just hireing her!