I want to be blown by Stevie English Hair

Summer is fast approaching, and the social schedule is pretty close to being packed. This is party season people, and we are here to help, with a brand new social media competition:Every Friday at 5pm, we have set aside an appointment with one of our talented stylists for a fabulous blowdry. This blowdry is up for grabs EVERY week for the winner of our new competition: Get Blown By Stevie English. It's pretty easy to enter: just send out a tweet or a Facebook comment on our business page saying why you want the blowdry. You must add the hashtag #BlownByStevie so we can gather up all the entries, and the winner will be announced each Monday. The only condition is: the appointment time is set in stone so you can't change the time or day. You can enter for your mum, your girlfriend, anybody really, but they must be available Friday 5pm. Sound good? Nothing gets you ready for a great weekend like great hair, and we are here to help. Get the entries in before Sunday 4pm, and we look forward to seeing our gorgeous winners every Friday afternoon!