Hairdresser's Natural Approach

I was lucky enough to be asked to help film an advert for Tafe (college) NSW, its away to help get best practice in Tafe's and school's  on climate isues . I was asked to talk about eco-friendly hair  products like O&M and talk about what we have implemented in the salon do do our bit for the environment. Its always fun having a camera shoved in your face and to be asked lots of green questions.   We love green issues, all the  Stevie English staff have taken it on too, from re-cycling, to drying towels outside and the little things like switching plug points off  minimize affect and energy consumption. Its wonderful to be given the opportunity to share with and inspire young hairdressers to make a difference. Would like to thank the team who came in and filmed and hopefully will make me look good Hopefully... *crosses fingers*