Curly Hair Discrimination!


So last week this article appeared in SMH. Titled "Curls: shabby or sexy?" it argues that curls are not welcome in the office because they are shabby. Sexy didn't get a look in. Yes you heard it. Curls! Hair that can range from a slight wave to a ringlet, to a tight spiral. Really? Apparently curls in the corporate world are less acceptable than red hair! And what's wrong with red hair? Seriously? I was incredulous! Amazed! Appalled even! I find it hard to believe that a proportion of people with some body and waves in their hair are somehow hiding themselves as they enter the world of desks, cubicles, offices, photocopies, printers and water coolers...I mean really. It's ridiculous. Isn't it? Please someone tell me it is! Surely in 2012, organisations are more concerned about people bringing their best "self" and delivering on expectations rather than whether they have curly hair or not? As long as man and women are adequately groomed and devoid of body odour, surely job performance is more important?

Of particular concern in this article was the inference that no corporate man – a CEO, a director, a financial controller – is seen with with curly hair. Hello!! Have you met Mark Bouris? He is an Australian businessman who is best known as the founder and chairman of 'Wizard Home Loans', Australia's second largest non-bank mortgage lender behind Aussie Home Loans! And he is on the tele, in the Australian version of The Apprentice. He seems to have a few waves on top.

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The conclusion of the article was that if you are some sort of creative type you can flaunt your fuzzy mane to your hearts content, however if you clip on a security tag, enter a city high-rise and don a suit, you better be prepared to hide your head. According to Natasha Hughes, it's a curl free zone people.

It got me thinking. Are curly-heads discriminated in other ways? I got researching....

I found this article, that asks is curly hair intimidating on a women? Is a wild, untamed curly hairstyle, a statement of personality? And then this article which alleges that a newsreader was forced to leave her job because of the pressure of the criticism targeted at her scruffy, curly hair! Natasha Hughes wrote back in June this year about Rebekah Brooks "wild mane of red hair" when she appeared in court over the Murdoch phone hacking drama, reporting media labels of ''distracting'' and ''boho'' in relation to her red curls, inferring those with curly hair are suspicious!

Enough with this curly hair craziness! Enough!

Curly hair can be fabulous, crazy, beautiful, amazing, and luxurious!! Don't you think? Many of my curly hair clients have struggled to come to terms with their mop as they were growing up, because it does need some extra TLC. The secret to curly hair is hydration, curly is  loads drier and  far more unruly than having straight hair <Pro Tip: use Seven Day Miracle from O&M>. Curly hair can have the tendency to look a little lack lustre because the hair shaft needs some encouragement to lay flat and reflect the light, but some good product and a little encouragement it can look as shiny and healthy as the next head of hair.

In response to whether curly hair is shabby or sexy, I say sexy! And it can look great in the office too. Below is some curly inspiration, specially chosen for the office! And in response to Melbourne stylist Kristianna Michaelides, quoted in Curly Hair: shabby or sexy  who said"Hairdressers are frightened of curly hair so they'll just cut it off", we love curly hair at Stevie English Hair and we specialise in helping clients get their best hair to suit their lifestyle, including those lucky enough to have beautiful curls. We can help you chose the best products to keep your waves under control, cut it for the most flattering look and show you how to style it to look it's best whether you work in an office or not!

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 We love curly and red hair hair at Stevie English Hair.