Australian Social Media Superhero's and hair?

Here is the extract out of a blog post this week were I is featured not for hair but for what I do tapping on away on my computer all the time. See it is work!

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You’re probably surprised to see a hairdresser on the list – hairdressing is rarely associated with social media. However, hairdressing is a business, too, so why shouldn’t it be promoted in the same way as any other business venture? Just because their main line of work is not solely online, it does not mean that the man on the street doesn’t know how to harness the power of the Internet to their advantage.

The brand name Stevie English is derived from Steve’s English roots – he was born in Somerset – his real name is Steve Corthine. He has been hairdressing for over 15 years in a career that has seen him work as far a field as the US, Asia and London before setting up show here in Australia. His work has appeared in Marie Claire and Oyster magazines, and on various fashion shows and shoots all over Australia. He uses social media as a way of promoting his business through the Stevie English Hair website, blog, Facebook account and Twitter. It’s a wonder he has any time to fix fancy hairstyles with all that typing!

Well its true i do i do tweet and use facebook a lot, but here is the prof its not a waste of time. :)