Reign of the Ranga.

Australia has a new Prime Minister. A female Prime Minister. She's smart, successful, and.....she's a redhead. We are hairdressers, not political commentators, so let's focus on the hair, shall we? Ms Gillard has had a variety of hairstyles over the years, but one thing has remained constant- the colour. Red, copper, highlights, full colour, but always a fetching shade of red. Here in the salon, we love redheads. Adding red shades or sections to brunette hair is a simple way to change your look, and is flattering to most skin tones. A full colour takes longer, but the result is vibrant, daring and a sure-fire way to stand out in a crowd of blondes and brunettes. O&M have an awesome range of NO ammonia bright coppers and reds, which are great on the hair and environment. Natural redheads, like Ms Gillard, usually have very fair complexions and the natural red and orange shades can be brightened, or depth can be added using highlights or lowlights.  We always recommend a colour lock treatment-we use Nanomax in the salon to help maintain bright colours.  Colour enriched shampoos and conditioners help to prolong the vibrancy of colour- we stock Davines here at the salon . Often redhead or strawberry blonde hair colours suit people with green eyes.

We congratulate Julia Gillard on her new role as Australia's first ever female PM, and we welcome the reign of the ranga!