Logies Hair Review-not much to see here

I didn't watch the illustrious Logies ceremony on Monday, but Mel did and she called me in a few times to have a look at hair and fashion winner.s and losers. On the whole, I was pretty pleased to see that the dead-straight blowdry look is on the way out. There was a lot of natural, loose-looking curls and soft upstyles which are flattering on just about anybody. There were no crazy, out-there styles which is a bit of a letdown but here are my three favourites:

Natalie Bassingthwaite:Simple, classy, not overdone. This is a style that probably took time and effort for the event, but would be pretty to do at home.

Dannii Minogue: Ther is no arguing about how good her hair looked. Short, sharp, modern bob. Strong colour. She is the perfect example of how a great haircut can make your look. My choice for best hair.

Ruby Rose: It was hard to find a good shot of her hair, but it's a short funky cut that has been styled just slightly to add texture. Short hair goes formal! We love Ruby.