Curly Hair Expert

I have been working in hair salons for 17 years. I trained in London and specialised in colour. In all that time, in my short career in cutting, I was never really shown how to cut curly hair. And in all the amazing salons I have worked at, there was never someone that really stood out for cutting curly hair. It was a bit hit and miss, a client with curly hair would love it one cut and then say it was butchered the next. Until now.
The QUALITY of my staff is amazing. But I digress.They are all good at cutting hair and good at cutting curly hair.
Verity is leading the way in cutting curly hair. Verity has a mane of thick curly hair herself, and is doing things with curly hair that I have not seen before. The really cool thing is, the current trends for hair are moving away from straight, ironed hair back to a more natural look. So if you have curls, don't straighten them, come in and tame them. Work with the curl. That's what we are promoting. And Verity is sharing her passion, skills and knowledge with the rest of the team. Winner: Stevie English Hair clients.
The two photos here was done by Georgie and it was her first collection.