One of our core ideals at Stevie English Hair - Is to have as much fun as possible and to be happy.


It definitely is my goal, I love my job and I get to work with so many creative people. This year I’ve been across the Globe for Matrix educating and playing at colouring hair. And here in Australia I have spent my time educating, hanging in my salons with my cool staff and working on The Voice as Hair Ambassador for Matrix and we are only half-way through the year! 


We believe that being happy is a great thing, and part of that feeling, is feeling good about yourself - and obviously we think a great hair can help.


I was reading an article the other day that was about the two things that go along with happiness; expectation and surprise. We like to think there’s some fun expectation of your booked appointment for Stevie English hair and the surprise - Well we don’t ever want to surprise any client. But we do like to help and assist with the look you want to achieve - I know our team (teamEnglish) have so much skill and creative genius that can help to add and suggest ways to make your look even more you!  So we hope that you have a style thats even better than you imagined - and thats always a happy surprise!


We like to think that when we are all happy we feel good about ourselves - so thats why this Saturday we would do something fun.  Just because ... 


You’ll be able to snap your new snip from stevie english hair on snapchat whilst in the salon - and add our exclusive filter to your image - its just for the day - its a first for a Hairsalon and we hope you’ll have fun adding your happiness surprise and perhaps a little expectation to it as well!

Happy hair right there! Happy hairdressers too! So tomorrow in our salons play on snapchat and use our exclusive filter. 

This beautiful hair makes me happy . Hair by Leah in our Glebe salon using matrix 

This beautiful hair makes me happy . Hair by Leah in our Glebe salon using matrix 

Snip and snap and Stevie English Hair  

Hair Biz, Stevie English And A Geezer.

It has been so cool to  watch our shop grow from 2 employees to 14, and to have this great vibe whilst working, but the cream on top is getting  industry recognition. We are so lucky to work with and educate for top product companies like Bio-Ionic, who give us our great straightening products Kera-Smooth and ReTex as well as the amazing OnePass irons and dryer.  O&M is the best colour company on the planet and I get to talk all the time about ammonia free hair colour and its joys ,and  Simplesalon, which is just the best and simplest salon software on the market. Everything in the salon is a team effort #TeamEnglish, and all the staff work really hard on looking after every client, as well as education as well as looking after me. They put up with the crazy schemes and silly jackets! ;) ps thanks to Hairbiz

Har Expo 2010

We are all still recovering from the biggest weekend of the year- Hair Expo! This year, Stevie English Hair directed all the stage shows for O&M- a grand total of 21 shows! Verity was Artistic Director for every show! Meaning she was there from open til close every day, working backstage with the fabulous stylist Bola,  helping and prompting  the O&M team to make all the looks current and as a collection,as well as staring onstage for the Stevie English shows. Kirsty and Jade both did their THING onstage too, to say they rocked it would be an understatement. The senior girls were supported by Elly and our apprentices Naomi, Raquel, Jake, Stephen and Ruby  who all assisted backstage during the shows. MEGA hard work! But awesome fun. We are all sleeping this weekend. Here is a few sneak peak of the pics, wait for the professional

Stevie himself was quite the man about town at Expo, working for O&M, where he talked about colour on stage, while the clever girls did awesome editorial styles, wait for pics! ProHairstylist where he interviewed, tweeted (like thats different from normal life) and covered the shows and seminars , Simplesalon where he helped the guys talk about the awesome product showing how to use it on ipad! And was also asked to talk for Australian Hairdressing Council (AHC) about making salons greener, and the environmental policies for the AHC which he is really proud to be a part of.