Hot Autumn Hair: Latest season trends at Stevie English Hair

We have an amazing team at Stevie English Hair! Talented, creative and hard working. Need some evidence? Check this out! Our team has been working on these beautiful looks to inspire you for Autumn 2013.

Our lovely Liz created this ethereal look in new season colours of blue and green. Plaits are still strong and blonde colours are soft and styled to give the look of an angel!

Bangs are back baby. A stronger blue with a heavy fringe makes this look rock! Stephen rolls out this look with shades of blonde and brunette with lots of body for the new season!

Still pining for some pink! Pink has been hot for a while now and it just keeps on banging on. Stephen styles up a plaited undercut topped off with candy shades of pink. Wow! Feminine and punk all at once.

Need to know more? Read more about the emerging trends this season in the Autumn issue of Catalogue Magazine

Stevie xx