Men's Hair Trend Inspirations: Bondi and Glebe

The man was a legend. Most famously known as the lead singer of The Doors, he extended his creativity to poetry, song-writing and film directing. He was magnetic, charismatic and what about that hair? Thick, curly and wild. No wonder all the chicks wanted him. A Bad boy with all that hair.

We want to help all our amazing male clients have the hair that suits their personality and lifestyle, so here are 2 key men's trends of the moment:

1. Colour for the Lad's

We don't reserve "all the colours of the rainbow" just for the girls. We are seeing lots of guys wanting to express themselves with strong colour and cuts. Maybe having the all-round nice guy Joel Madden (married to the truly gorgeous Nicole Ritchie) in Sydney this year for The Voice inspired guys to be a little more creative with their crowning glory? While Joel was here he sported many looks with lots of colour:

Source: via Anna on Pinterest


Using Original & Mineral created the following amazing look:

2. Mad Men

This late 50's early 60's drama depicting the Madison Avenue Advertising industry has spurned trends in interiors, fashion and of course hair. There is the clean cut, slicked back clean shaven look shown here on Don Drapper. A neat cut teamed with a little Frizzy Logic and a little K-Gravel is all you need.

Check out the Stevie English take on the Mad Men style. A close clip above the ear and around the face, a tidy side shave and a hint of facial hair. So cool.

Cut by Jade Cohen, Glebe

We love helping men look their best at Stevie English Hair. Whatever is your inspiration we want you to look your best. Call us at Bondi on 02 9387 7791 or Glebe on 02 9423 7033.