Stevie on Sunrise. (It's all about Big Hair!)

The team at Stevie English were asked to do a segment on Sunrise about the upcoming hair trends and what HairExpo is all about.  Myself, Kirsty, Jade, Joel and Raquel and our models - Madeline, Madeline (yes 2 madelines) and our Zoe.  As most of you would have discovered I'm a colorist and this works well with the talented team at Stevie English - #teamEnglish as we call ourselves - Kirsty and Jade worked their hair skills and Joel and Raquel did their makeup magic. We were up and prepping hair in the Salon at 5am (on a Saturday!) to be at at Sunrise studios at 7am.  Myself and the three models were setup and I waxed lyrical about big hair. Phew! it was an awesome experience  I was very chuffed to be asked. Thanks sunrise! (check it below)