Famous Magazine and Stevie

Stevie was asked by famous magazine to answer readers questions related to hair and fashion on their twitter page. Here is the full transcript  There was a few more questions on Famous Magazine facebook page that i needed to answer. so here goes. Livi Jones Could you please ask what are the best tips fro growing hair and also which heat protectant products I should use for daily straightening? :)

I think the best way to grow your hair is to be healthy. Take hair and nail supplements, drink loads of water. We use original and Mineral products O&M, all there products have heat protectors in Atonic is one of my favorites.

Rubina Anver hi i would like to know what type of short hair suits a round chubby face please. thanks

Nothing that hits the widest part of the face. We recommend if your hair is short is to try a-symmetrical.

Maria Harris Hey, i was just wanting to ask, as i want to get my hair straightened, what is the difference between brazilian keratin straightening and a guava keratin straightening, and which one last longest. Also is a permanent hair straightening choice a good idea, or can it cause an effect to the scalp. any help is appreciated.. Thanks

We dont use either products. We use Bio-ionic kera-straight its a keratin product. You need to be sure that the product that you use does not contain formaldehyde as this damages health. Most products are safe as long as your going to a professional! Do your home work.

Mirika Tokhman What's the best treatment to get for long dark hair & should I use different types, or just stick to one ?!

It depends what kind of issue you are treating and what kind of hair you have. We use a selection of treatments. We love O&M. But we use protein treatments for damaged highly coloured hair. We use moisture treatments for curly, dry hair. Again go see your hairdresser and see hwat they would recommend, otherwise email me with a pic.

Claire McAuliffe Alrighty... What are some good products to use on naturally curly hair that leaves your hair feeling nice and soft (enhancing curls) and not sticky, hard lke its full of product. Thankyou!!

Im sorry to keep going on about O&M but i love Seven day Miracle! it will leave your hair feeling great and you can use frizzy logic after which has organic argon oil, and helps makes hair soft and frizz free.

Michelle Taylor What is the best thing to do to keep oily hair from getting too greasy without washing it every day :)

You can use dry shampoos which are great, talcum powder is a great trick. There are shampoos that help with oily hair too.

Bec Nolte-Fletcher Stripping black from hair?! Have bleached & am now a deep red - wanting to go to light brown. Where to go from here? Bleach again & then light brown over the top or dark brown & then a lightener over the top. Need to get rid of the red! Thanks.

Im afraid yes you have to use powder lightener/bleach again, a colour will not lift through a colour. You will have to neutralise the undercoats too. So if you have red your colourist will use green to flatten out , if your undercoat gets to a scary orange we then use blue. Colourists use the old fashioned colour star. Go to your hairdresser, i would recommend,  colour correction is not for home. :)

Thanks famous weekly for having me.