Friends With Benefits

Here at Stevie English, we love two things above all others: our clients firstly, and (a distant second) COFFEE! So to combine out two favourite things, we have decided to introduce The Stevie English Rewards Club. It's our way of rewarding our lovely loyal clients, and also offering something to their friends who are referred to the salon. In summary:* Join the Rewards Club at a cost of $10 (including 5 bonus points), get a nifty Reward keytag and two Refer tags * Every time you have a service or purchase product, you earn rewards points. 20 points = $20 gift tag! * Give your Refer tags to friends, and they get a discount on their first visit, and you collect more bonus points.

And to add to the excitement, we had some special Stevie English Hair KeepCups made up, and for an extra $15 you can purchase one and get FREE COFFEE ANYTIME! So not only will you have great hair, you can cruise into the salon whenever you fancy and grab a coffee in your very stylish re-usable cup. KeepCups are great to have in the car or in your bag so you can do away with single-use takeaway cups for good. Any cafe will make your coffee in them, and probably love you for it.

So to re-cap, join the Rewards Club, get points and redeem them for services, and have free coffee for all of eternity. Sounds good to us!