Your hairdresser Is Just Not That Into You

Well another great week at the English, BUSY. i have been Quoted in Aprils Women's Health Mag.
insits you'll look better in a Jessica Simpson-style extensions. "A good hairdresser is a good judge of Character ," says Steve Corthine owner of Stevie English Hair in Sydney. "When deciding what's right for you they should ask you about your job, your wardrobe and your routine." If they don't ask tell them. For instance, if you prefer to just shower and go in the mornings you don't want a cut that's takes a lot of styling. "I like someone who;s done their research," Corthine says. "Bring in a few pics, and tell me what you don't like as well as what you do." Honesty and communication are key, on both sides. And remember that ultimately, its in your hairdressers favour to do a good job on your hair as well. " That's my work walking out the door," Corthine quips.>
Some of the work that walks out our door is some of the best around. I am very proud of my team and the standard of work that we maintain. We rock!