The Apprentice of the Year 2009

Wow! What a day, what a week, no what a year! Dramatic- that's me. I'm sitting here at my desk a very happy and proud man. My two super star apprentices have been working around the clock to get their models on stage at the Hair Expo apprentice competition. They were both amazing and pulled off two great hair cuts in 30 mins. Its hard to do a haircut under pressure let alone with an auditorium full of people watching. The next part of the competition was the 'hair up' section where they have 15 mins to put do an elaborate upstyle.

I was so nervous for them both that it was hard to watch. Naomi is in her second year, whilst Georgie is in her third, and they were both competing against people who are more senior.
To cut a long and proud story short Georgina Stokes WON the Australian Apprentice competition! She styled it herself, choosing clothes and having makeup done to her specifications. Georgie will be going up on stage to collect her award tomorrow night.

Naomi did so well, I pushed and prodded her to go in and her finished hair up and haircut were amazing. It's lovely to have a great talented team, the assistants are often the unsung hero's of the salon, and its fantastic to see them try so hard and get awarded. Well done to both my girls!