Male Pattern Balding

No one wants to lose their hair. Hair is such an important part of our wardrobe. If your hair is not right you don't feel right. So when it happens to men it can be a real problem for them. Not everybody looks great with a bald head, not everybody has the face or head shape to completely pull it off. Of course Bruce Willis and the likes kill it but not everybody feels comfortable with their baldness. Now I'm a believer in confidence, and I always knew I would lose my hair. My grandfather's hair was very thin, my father is bald(sorry dad but its true). So I have always figured I would lose mine. And a really good mate of mine told me that when I was surfing he could always see my bald spot as I was cruising along waves- you can always count on your mates!

According to Andrology Australia, "the majority of Australian men will experience some form of hair loss in their lifetime. For men between the ages of 20 and 45 who start to lose scalp hair, there is a 95 per cent chance they are experiencing male pattern hair loss." So it's official, I'm going bald.

Three months ago one my clients told me that he was taking a drug called "Poscar". Now this drug is used in the treatment of prostate cancer,and one of the side affects was hair growing back. Apparently hair grows back with constant use up to 7 years, that means I would have the full head of hair of 26 year old, well at least the head of hair I had when i was 26. I have been taking 1/4 of a tablet a day. I think for the treatment of prostate cancer you take 2, so the dose I'm taking is very weak. Of course I asked the doctor about side effects. His answer was, "Anytime you take drugs there are side effects, but with this drug its pretty minimal". I have not had any,except my hair is growing back and getting thicker. Kirsty who cuts my hair in the salon reckons it is, and my wife is in agreement. And I think it feels thicker. So I am three months into trialling "Pos car" and I'm going to get another lot tomorrow. It costs about $70 for three months. I have heard that centres for hair loss charge a small fortune.

I would not say I am a vain man, but I am a hairdresser and I work in an industry based on appearance. I was fine with my hair loss, but when I heard that it could be stopped, I jumped at the chance. What man wouldn't want the opportunity to get his hair back?

I just wanted to share my experience, and I will post another pic of my diminishing baldness in another 3 months.