Joining the Realize Beauty team As their Hairdressing Voice

I have just joined the Realize Beauty Team, as an expert. We are really excited about what this is going to do for their business and for ours it means the team will get more experience on stage showing their skills, helping to hone them.
Realize Beauty brings the secrets of the health, wellbeing and cosmetic industries to life through its interactive workshops and events. Through its network of well-respected therapists, scientists and healers, dedicated to sharing their knowledge with the wider public, the Realize Beauty team makes caring for you both fun and rewarding. Here is a little bit about their vision and what Realize beauty is going to do.

They have hand-selected panel from a wide range of backgrounds spanning Aromatherapy to Hairdressing, Image Consulting to Laughter Therapy and African Drumming to Visualization allowing for a holistic and inspiring approach to beauty.
Believing that beauty is everywhere and is to be enjoyed and respected by everyone is key to the Realize Beauty philosophy. That, along with a firm commitment to sustainability defines the company’s values. So whether you want to find out more about the ingredients in your shampoo, increase your chances of getting a promotion at work or just learn how to relax and sleep better Realize Beauty has something for you.
This unique service has been carefully assembled to bring tailor made and objective wellbeing advice to the public. Information is brought to life through hands on workshops, seminars and corporate indulgence events allowing the public to get up close and personal with the inner workings of this inspiring industry. All of this is backed up by a frequently updated blog, forum and social media feed for those wanting a more intimate experience.

Its going to be fun!