City of Sydney Business Awards

It's that time of the year again. Last year we were surprised to be nominated in the City of Sydney Business Awards, and this year it has happened again. We would love to make the finals and get a chance to impress the judges, so please give us a hand and vote for us! You can vote via SMS or on the web.
online vote here Sms : Stevie 0407877677

Also, our wonderfully talented designers, Afficionados of the Nod, are also up for a prize. they are the geniuses (geniuii?!?) responsible for the wallpaper, fabric and interior design of the entire salon including our awesome logo. They are unbelievable. So while you're on the Awards website, could you give them a little vote too.
online vote here sms THENOD 0407877677
check out there website

Finally, our accountant Anna from AKA Group is nominated too! She is the best accountant in Sydney by a long shot, we would be bankrupt without her! So please show Anna some voting love!
online vote here sms akagrp 0437877677
check out there website