Pushplay And The Paddington Inn

On Wednesday evening at the Paddington Inn There is going to be a a super fly event. www.Pushplay.com.au Are putting on Live dancers, performers its an Art instillation. Stevie English Hair is doing the all the hair, i wont give too much away but we are using denim off cuts from the boys. We are also having a live photoshoot going on. Its going to be a great night, cheap Tiger beers, male and female models, what more do we want. Also the chance to re-cycle your old jeans, bring in an the old denim that you don't wear, and Pushplay will give you a $50 dollar credit to buy a cool new pair of pushplay jeans! Alright.
Tiger beer, cool jeans, dancers, models very coooooooooool hair sounds like fun! see you there!