Carbon Offsets

I'm going to have to have a serious blog today. Only once or twice a year, that i am serious, but today is one of those days.
There has been was a 'Carbon Offset Watch' report which was an independent survey which helps buyers distinguish the extent to which carbon offset providers are achieving real action to help mitigate climate change. This is a really good report, it can help us, the consumer who wants to do their bit for the environment, it helps understand the differences between carbon offset providers, so we can have confidence in our purchases.
The report reviews 20 carbon offset providers in Australia and rates them based on the quality and reliability of the offset; the providers approach to carbon reduction and management; and the extent to which the carbon products and services actually change or prevent the underlying activities that cause greenhouse gas pollution.
We here at Stevie English are really committed to doing our bit, and I'm glad to say that Climate Friendly who we buy are carbon credits was ranked number ONE!
So that's it really, we can all do our bit, shorter showers, switch lights off, don't put so much water in the kettle it all helps and if you are going to become carbon neutral use
have a good day!