Sadie joined us in 2016 after she moved to Sydney from England. She used to run her own salon back home, but has become part of our family and continues to prove her talents. 


Q1. What Is One Of Your Favourite Quotes?

"que sera sera"

Q2. What’s Your Favourite Indoor/Outdoor Activity?

Indoor: Cooking, Outdoor: Running and Surfing

Q3. What Sound Do You Love?


Q4. If You Could Be Any Fictional Character, Who Would You Choose?

Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Q5. What Songs Are Included On The Soundtrack To Your Life?

Anything by Beyonce or Usher

99 Problems - Jay Z

Q6. Can You Fake Any Accents?

Only by a flukey

Q7. Do You Have Any Hidden Talents?


Q8. What Is On Your Bedside Table?

Light, mobile, surf books and a picture of me and my nan <3

Q9. What Is Your Lucky Number?


Q10. Which Way Does Your Toilet Paper Hang On The Wall – Over Or Under?

Over, always over (till Ryan moves it to annoy me!)

Q11. What, Or Who, Are You A ‘Closet’ Fan Of?

People who don't blush when embarrassed!