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We have had a great little write up in Table Tonic blog   and i have just added the questions

Table Tonic Spotlight: Stevie English Hair

I recently blogged about a new "clean" haircare discovery of mine, Original & Mineral - Naturally active, low chemical products in beautiful (and recyclable!) packaging. Here's the best bit - Original & Mineral products contain No sulphates, parabens, propylene, glycol, phthalates, triclosan, carcinogens or "cheap synthetic chemicals". I pinned super-cool (just look at that jacket!) O&M Creative Director, Stevie English down and threw the burning all-things-hair questions at him.
(above) Man of the moment, Stevie English.

Q. Is it possible to get a ‘cool’ hair colour result using natural products? Yes! We use only O&M ammonia-free hair colours in the salon, and we are able to produce incredible results without the use of peroxides, ammonia, and other nasties (our colours are often activated with water alone!). The benefits of removing harsh chemicals from hair colour are many, one of the key ones being the improvement of your hair’s condition over time, meaning your colour will actually last longer. As for getting a cool result, this largely depends on your taste and your stylist, the products are never the obstacle.

 Q. Is it safe to colour my hair when I am pregnant? Again, yes. Obviously it is better to use fewer chemicals wherever possible, so ammonia-free and PPD free colours are the best option for pregnant women. If you want to be really cautious, opt for highlights as they never go directly on the scalp and you could use whatever colour product you choose. O&M products are safe for all colours jobs during pregnancy. Hot tip: don’t wash your hair before you visit the salon, as the natural oils on your scalp will form a barrier against any product that is applied.

Q. What can I do at home to improve the condition of my hair? Beautiful, healthy hair needs to be well taken-care of, and taking care of your hair means looking after your body as well as being choosy about what you actually put on your hair. We often advise clients to take a silica supplement (available from health food stores) to strengthen hair and nails. Other foods that look after your locks are pepitas (pumpkin seeds), chia seeds and nuts, all of which contain omega 3 essential fatty acids and are mineral and vitamin rich. They are magical, natural, hair-boosting superfoods! Green vegetables (surprise!) are great for general health and full of anti-oxidants. Hair grows at a rate of about 1-2 centimeters  a month, so having a healthy body will encourage the growth of healthy new hair. And for a quick at-home treatment, rub avocado oil into the ends of your hair, wrap it in cling-film and leave for 20 minutes. Shampoo using a sulfate & paraben-free shampoo (such as O&M). 

What are the top hair trends for summer? In our salon, we have been doing a lot of gorgeous pastel shades and bold, glossy coppery red tints. We are known for our love of pink, and it is a very flattering shade for nearly everyone. Pastel ends are a simple way to update blonde colours for summer, and they fade over time so your colour evolves between salon visits! A lot of our clients take home O&M treatments that have been individually tinted, so you can maintain your pastel tone at home. The copper colours are bold and they must be shinier than glass. O&M do an amazing clear gloss semi-permanent liquid colour that conditions and locks in colour and is ammonia and PPD free- the first of its kind in the world. Balayage is obviously still going strong, and this summer we expect to see it everywhere. Darker roots and lighter ends are lower maintenance than other colour looks, but make it more individual by asking for interesting colour blends rather than the seen-everywhere black & blonde combo. We have taken the balayage a little further by dip dyeing the ends with pastel pinks, purples and even greens. SO HOT!

(above) Metallic wallpaper... Mmmmm....

Q. Speaking of green, is there a way to get rid of green swimming pool hair? Yes! The best trick is to use tomato sauce as a masque - the red counteracts the green, and it's readily available in every fridge. On the colour wheel (the same one you learn in school) every colour has a counter so if your hair is too yellow or brassy you need to use violet/purple shampoo or conditioner to take it back to a cooler blonde.

(above) O&M's perfectly packaged & recyclable products

Wasn't that great?! Are you enlightened? I am. Huge thanks to Stevie English Hair (find them at 153 Glebe Point Road, Glebe. Ph: 02-9423-7033). Click for O&M stockists or buy online at Adore Beauty or Fountain Cosmetics. PS Click here to read my review and find out why I'm officially an O&M convert!