The Original&Mineral Shoot

You know the coolest thing about working at Stevie English Hair? I work with my friends, the guys in the salon rock we have such a cool team! Another friend for us is O&M Original Mineral who are our main product company. It was such an honour to be asked to be in charge of hair for the new hero shots for their cool products. Original&Mineral are a mega cool Australian owned product company who believes in doing things their way. Their brand is modern, cool and image is everything! Stevie English is proud to be a part of their vision and are really happy to help inspire fashions.
The two day shoot comprised of one day in the studio and one day down the south coast in the National Park at a beach called Garie. The photographer was David Mandelberg. David is a world class photographer and it was amazing to be around him and his team. He was shooting both stills and moving image. The model was Annabella Barber,we have worked with Annabella before shooting for culture magazine, to say she is the real deal is an understatement. An awesome model who not only looks great but has the most incredible work ethic. For all of those that think models just look good and have great bone structure, genetics handed them a full house.............. TRUE, but they work hard. Annabella was a complete pro, and the shoot was quite demanding. Our Verity ran the hair department: I coloured Annabella's hair whilst Verity and our assistants Raquel, Jake and Naomi all worked on keeping the hair looking clean, contemporary and cool with a slight 60's feel with an organic natural edge. We did two very long fourteen hour days and lots my mates joke that is very glamorous, well getting up at 4am in the cold of the morning, and then the heat of the mid-day sun, is not all that its cracked up to be!But I'm not complaining, we all had a great time and the final shots will be just perfect. Great work from everyone involved!